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Phishing in Cybersecurity - How to Perform?


Phishing in Cyber Security

Phishing in Cybersecurity

Welcome hacker I am back with another interested topic so in this article we talk about another phishing tool. This tool has many new features to start a perfect atack on social media accounts.

Phishing in cybersecurity is very common and this is the most powerful attack ever. We saw many tool day by day and every tool is the latest and advanced from the last one. So this tool name is RAVANA and this tool is used to hack social media account. 

As you know we always work on termux app because many subscribe don't have PC or laptop and they to learn Black-Hat hacking so termux app helps you to perform these phishing attacks on the android mobile.

I give you all the required instructions of this tool and tell you how to install and use this tool in termux. In my recent article I tell you about how we can crash someone WhatsApp using termux app, and now we are going to perform a hacking attack with phishing.

Features of this tool:

This tool has almost 19 templates, and we can use any of them without any error. I review many tools, but there was an error when we click to generate the victim link, but this tool is very advance and there is no error from start to last. Using this tool, we can hack:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Google
  5. GitHub
  6. PayPal
  7. Spotify
  8. Microsoft
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Adobe
  11. Netflix
  12. Twitter
  13. Dropbox
  14. Yandex
  15. Origin
  16. Ebay
  17. Pinterest
  18. Yahoo

Phishing in cybersecurity is very common, people receive many emails and every email ask for your bank details and your personal information and promise you to give a gift of thousands of dollars. They are scamming you by sending a phishing link.

In the same way this tool works. You have to select the attack and generate the link and send that link to the victim. When the victim opens the link and put his information on it, all the details were showing on your termux app.

But first we have to install this tool in termux. So you need some commands to install this tool in termux. If you don't know anything about termux app then you have to learn some basic commands of termux and then go for the pro level.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install php
  • pkg install wget
  • git clone
  • cd Ravana
  • chmod +x
  • bash

You have to copy the above commands and paste it in termux app. Please choose one by one commands and never copy and paste all of these at once. Many people did this mistake and then ask me on Instagram why this tool is not working in our termux.

There is no error in termux bro! Termux is the only app that can hack WhatsApp account and bypass the WhatsApp OTP easily and that's why we learn about phishing in cybersecurity. As you know I always try my best to give you full reviews of these kinds of tools. 

It takes many times to research for the working tool and then make video on those tools. If you subscribe to me on YouTube then you already know about my channel and my uploading strategy. I always make two videos, theory video is uploaded on YouTube and practical video is for drive. 

Because YouTube doesn't allow this type of content on YouTube that's why I publish the harmful part on my website. So if you face any issue regarding this tool, and you need any help then you can contact me on Instagram.

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