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No Grass File For BGMI 2.9 - NO-BAN


No Grass File For BGMI 2.9

No Grass File For BGMI 2.9

If you are from India and play BGMI then you will know that this game is unbanned in India. This news was earlier posted on the official Instagram page of Battleground Mobile India that the game will be updated on the 29th on all people's devices.

As you all know I publish configs and hacks related content on this website and in today's article I'm going to give you the no grass file for bgmi 2.9 and this file is 100% working in all devices. This is very new update that's why I only work on no grass file but after some time I publish another files on different hacks.

So how this file can be used. After the new update, you would have thought that the apply process has also changed, but it did not happen at all. If you have used any config before, then you should definitely know how to apply this file.

If you're new on this website, then I tell you I'm the only one who can update the PUBG and BGMI files regularly, and even you get the No recoil file for BGMI from our website. No one give you these types of paid hacks for free.

The applying process for no grass file for bgmi 2.9 is very important, so I give you some instructions below, and you have to follow all the steps carefully to apply this file in your BGMI. But before we go on, the apply process must try out the Bullet tracking config for BGMI.

Apply Process

Download Config.
Extract Config.
Open Extracted Folder.
Copy 'obb' file.
Go to 'Android' Folder.
Open 'obb' Folder.
Open 'com.tencent.imobile' Folder.
Paste the copied Folder.

So this is the basic applying process for this file. Many of you think about the password and these types of things but remember one thing, I never place passwords on my files. So you directly download and extracted all the files from my website without any password.

Deep Explanation of No Grass File For BGMI 2.9

When you download the file, please use Z-Archiver app to extract the file. If you face any issue with the file then you can contact me on Instagram. If you're a config lover, then must try out the White body File for BGMI.

I try my best to put all types of hacks including PUBG, BGMI and free fire. If you have any idea or working file then you can email us. Many people comment me on my YouTube channel, M Asim Tech, to ask about the ban query. I just want to clear one thing about this no grass file for bgmi 2.9, this file is anti-ban, and you can use this file on main ID.

But if you spend many UC on your account, then please never try this file or any other files on your ID. People spend lakhs of rupees on their ID and if config file is used on such ID then there will always be danger of ban on that ID.

If you want to use this file, then firstly try this file on a proxy account, if your mind is satisfied then put this file on your main ID. The game is back unbanned, and I don't want your ID to be disabled after the game unbanned.

If any new update comes BGMI game, then I will keep updating my article as well. You do not need to go to any other website, you can download all the hacks by visiting this website. And one last thing, to check and verify this file you have to play both LIVIK and Erangel maps.

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