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How to Crash Someone WhatsApp - Tool & TXT


How to Crash Someone WhatsApp

How to Crash Someone WhatsApp

Once again I'm going to write an article related to the termux app. I know many people almost know about this app. Few peoples just watch videos related to termux, and they never know about this app.

Today I'm here to give you another awesome tool. I receive many comments about how to crash someone WhatsApp account, and finally I'm here with a brand-new tool. This tool has been coded in python language, and you have to run this tool with python in termux.

Termux is the only app for android user that can help us to hack android camera and many more things. The tool name is WA-CRASHER and this tool helps you to crash WhatsApp with one massage. Many of us already use these types of apps and text messages, but this is a very advance tool and when you install it in your termux app this tool will do everything automatically.

To install the tool, we will need the termux application, and you do not have to download this application from the Play Store. Many people make the mistake of downloading this application from the Play Store. If you download the termux app from play store then you face many errors during the installation of any tool.

If you want to know about how to crash someone WhatsApp then you have to install this tool in termux by putting some commands. I have all the commands and I give you, and you have to put these commands in termux step by step to install this tool in termux.

Recently I publish an article on WhatsApp hacking because a lot of people were asking me if this is possible to how? So I write the whole detail on that article. If you're interested in ethical hacking and want to learn how we can hack social account with termux then must visit my website. You will find many articles related to hacking.


  1. apt update && apt upgrade -y
  2. pkg install python git -y
  3. pip install colorama
  4. git clone
  5. cd WA_CRASHER
  6. chmod +x *
  7. python3

I have to clear something that I want to clear this tool is 100% free. And this is not a phishing tool. This tool simply sends TXT to your victim and the victim WhatsApp got crashed immediately. 

Do you want to learn, how to track someone location with termux? Termux is the most useful OS ever for the android devices and this tool is very helpful to crash someone WhatsApp account.

Many people want to know about the above commands so here is the quick guide of above commands. First you have to download the termux app from f-droid and then install it in your android phone.

Now you have to update and upgrade all the packages in termux. Use apt update command to update all the package in termux and use apt upgrade command to upgrade all packages. Now you have to install some packages. 

You have to install git, python, coloroma package in termux. These packages are very important to install this tool in termux app. When you install the requirements of this tool then you have to put the last command and this command is used to execute this tool.

After putting the last command, this tool asks for the joining. You have to type 'Y' and hit the enter button to skip this step. These steps are very important if you want to know about how to crash someone WhatsApp account.

When the tool is initializing it ask for the country code. You have to put your country code without plus symbol. For example if yo from Pakistan the type 92 and if you from India then only type 91.

In the second step it asks for the victim phone number. Make sure you have to save the victim number in your mobile. When you put the victim number, this tool automatically redirects you to the WhatsApp and write the crash TXT automatically.

In the third step you have to choose the number of crashes. The maximum limit is 15 crashes in 30 mint. Means that you can crash someone in WhatsApp for 30 minutes. This is the benefits of learning ethical hacking online without joining and spend a single rupee on institutes.

When you enter the number of crashes, this tool start sending the crashes code to the victim phone. I hope this tool will not be missed and will be used for fun only. If you face any issue and if you want to see the practical video on this tool. Then click on the practical video button and watch how to perform this attack practically.

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