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2.6 No Recoil Config For PUBG | 100% Working

2.6 No Recoil Config For PUBG

2.6 No Recoil Config For PUBG

Maybe many of you already know me because I keep uploading content related to gaming hacks on my website and a lot of people also like this content of mine. I hope you will also be impressed with my website if you visit it.

Finally, PUBG's new update has arrived. And as soon as the new update of PUBG comes, I have brought for you 2.6 no recoil config for PUBG.

People say that this is the biggest update of PUBG because it has undergone a lot of changes and a lot of new features have been added. In today's article, we are going to cover everything.

In PUBG 2.6 update if you are driving and the whole squad attacks you and your car explodes then in this condition you will not be killed, but you will be knocked.

The advantage of this is that if an enemy sprays our car from a distance and blasts it. And when we're knocked, we can call our teammate, so he can revive us. I have another No Grass Config for PUBG/BGMI.

I have heard that there have been a lot of changes inside the UMP gun as it was used a lot, and it was also a much better gun. Because its damage was quite high, but the damage to UMP has been reduced in this update and I don't think more people will use it now.

But where the damage to some guns has been reduced, the damage to UZI has been increased. Yes! If you use UZI more than you will know that UZI is used in close range, but now UZI will also be used in long range.

Now let's talk about our article, for which you have visited this website. 2.6 no recoil config for PUBG, this thing is searched a lot on Google as soon as new update of PUBG comes, But there are very few websites that provide you with an original and working file.

For example, a few days ago there was a new update of PUBG Lite, after which I uploaded a High Damage file for PUBG Lite on my website, which people liked very much.

The size of the file I will give you today will be much smaller. I know that many of you know how to apply the final, but the method of applying this file will be different.

2.6 no recoil config for PUBG

Applying Process:

  1. Open Android Folder.
  2. Go to data Folder.
  3. Open com.tencent.ig Folder.
  4. Go to files.
  5. Open UE4Game.
  6. Open ShadowTrackerExtra.
  7. Again ShadowTrackerExtra.
  8. Open Saved Folder.
  9. Go to Paks Folder.
  10. Paste Copied File.

You have to follow the instructions given above to paste PUBG Mobile 2.5 No recoil config. Many people get confused and comment on what password is attached to this file. One thing I want to clarify is that there is no password on this file. Must read about, how to install PUBG KR version.

When you download the file, remember that the format of the file is zip. This means you have to extract the file first. As soon as you extract this file, you will find another file inside the folder. You have to copy this file and go to the paks folder and paste it.

2.6 no recoil config for PUBG

File Features:

Using this file, you will only get no Recoil. Now you may be wondering why only no recoil? As we all know how serious PUBG is about its security, so I did not add any more hacks inside this file.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But as soon as they use such hacks, their ID is banned. I updated this file when new version is up-to-date.

No matter how many files I publish for you on my website, using them has no effect on your ID. Conclusion is… There is no high damage, No grass, Magic Bullet etc features in this file.

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