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Extract Password Protected ZIP Files Without Password


Extract Password Protected ZIP Files Without Password

Extract Password Protected ZIP Files Without Password

Hello everyone, I'm back with another tool revive article. Many people ask me about this. They have zip files but all the files are password protected so, here is the solution of your problem.

We are going to use termux app to extract password protected zip files without password. Termux is one of the best OS to perform these types of attacks. So we use brute force attack in termux with the most famous word list (rockforyou).

Some people think that bruteforce is the slowest attack but no man in this tool you can see the thousands of passwords are applied in just 1 sec. When I review this tool of YouTube I'm really shocked to see the performance of this tool.

About Tool:

  • This tool has been coded in python language. 
  • The name of this tool is (ZipFileHack).
  • This tool is used to unzip/hack locked zipped files.
  • This tool can be used in Kali Linux and Termux.

Benefits of this tool

Tools can be used for the different purposes and I give you some suggestion that you follow and make this tool more useful.

  1. Crack Paid Courses.
  2. Crack Paid Hacks.
  3. Crack premium accounts.

Big companies always have their courses and they sell them in paid. They usually use password protected zip file and after the pay for the course you get the password of that zip file.

But now, we can extract password protected zip files without password so, we can download everything for free without paying a single rupee.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install python2
  • git clone
  • cd ZipFileHack
  • python2

Use these commands to install this tool in termux. I suggest you to copy and paste these commands in termux. Becusewhen you try to write commands manually, you get an error.

After putting the last command, the tool asks for the zip file location. Now you have to write the path of your ZIP file. In my case my file is available in the internal storage, so I can write file path like this:

Example: /sdcard/

After this, tool ask for the wordlist path. Now if you already have a wordlist then that a good thing but if you don't have and want to create your own targeted base wordlist with random passwords then must watch the below video.

You can also download common base password list rockyou to extract password protected zip files without password. The file size is 133MB, but this file has almost 14 Million passwords combination for the brute force attack.

When you download or get your wordlist then put the path of your wordlist. In my case my wordlist in not in any folder. I moved it on the internal storage of my mobile, so I can put the path like this.


After putting this the tool start applying all the passwords from the wordlist. But I know, my subscribers are still confused between the path adding process. So I have a practical video for you. Just click on the below button to watch a practical video.

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