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Install CamHacker Tool in Termux


Install CamHacker Tool in Termux

Install CamHacker Tool in Termux

Install the CamHacker Tool in Termux, Cam Hacker is a phishing tool. And this tool will generate a link so if anyone opens the link and permits the camera access, his/her photo will be captured and send to you.

This is the most advanced tool ever that is used to capture photos from the victim mobile camera. Well we use termux app and install the CamHacker tool in it.

Termux is the only app that can hack Facebook account and WhatsApp hacking. Yes this is the only app for the android users. I know many of us thinking that the hacking is only possible with the Kali Linux.

But this is very wrong. Android OS can also be used to hack or operate the tool for the hacking. But if you're interested then you can use Kali Linux online.


  • Get IP of device
  • Get location
  • Get device information
  • Error Diagnosed
  • Argument support for template
  • Save images in Gallery.
  • Three template

You have to use good browser (do not use Opera Mini) but you can use chrome/brave/Mozilla to get images captured. Maybe some browser block this tool, however it worked in most devices, and you can use and install OXIDTool in termux.

This is the phishing tool to get images from your victim. I know you want to hack your girlfriend camera, but phishing is like a scam you have to convenes your victim to click on the link and allow the permission of the camera.

Other Camera Hacking Tools

Mostly hacker used bruteforce attack to hack social media accounts but the brutefore process is very time-consuming that's why i suggest the fishing attack.

Please take a look at the commands and make sure to copy and paste these command very carefully in the termux app. Do not try to write these commands by yourself. 

Commands for CamHacker Tool

  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade
  3. pkg install git
  4. pkg install php
  5. pkg install wget
  6. pkg install curl
  7. pkg install unzip
  8. termux-setup-storage
  9. git clone
  10. cd CamHacker
  11. bash

After putting the last command this tool start downloading all the required packages. Make sure to wait for the end of all the downloading process.

After that this tool ask for the ngrok token. Maybe you have the same question as my subscriber. They still don't know about ngrok and how to get ngrok token. So here is some simple step to get ngrok token.

How to get ngrok token?

  • Go to
  • Signup with your Google account
  • Go to the authtoken section
  • Copy the ngrok token

Follow the above steps to copy ngrok token and paste in the tool after this, tool ask for the update, but I suggest you to not updated this tool so press 'n' and hit the enter button.

Now enable your mobile hotspot and generate the ngrok link for your victim. When your girlfriend opens the link, the front camera of her mobile capture the photos of her. 

How to view captured photos in camhacker?

Well when all the photos receive in the termux. Then you can see them, you have to move all the photos in your gallery. So please use this command very carefully. But remember one thing your photos are saved in PNG or JPG format.

For example the two images are captured and the name of these two images are: (photo.png, photo2.png)

So how you can move these two photos in your mobile gallery. You have to write command mv(used to move items) and then write the image name. Just see the below example.

mv photo.png photo2.png /sdcard

But if you're still confused about this tool. Don't worry I love my subscriber, so I make a practical video for you. Just click on the below button to watch it.

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