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How Many Maps in PUBG Mobile?


How Many Maps in PUBG Mobile

How Many Maps in PUBG Mobile?

Don't judge me because I'm not downloading all the maps in PUBG mobile. Because I don't have much space in my device to download all these maps. So I download only that map which I want to play.

PUBG Mobile is going to expand day-by-day, and we know why this is happening, because PUBG know that how to attract new people by giving the new updates in PUBG mobile. But if any person asks you about how many maps in PUBG mobile so did you count it?

If no! Then I'm here to tell you the exact maps count in PUBG mobile and which map is most played in this game. I have an idea to explain this map theory, so everyone can easily understand this.

I'm going to divide these maps in three basic parts.

  • Ranked
  • Unranked
  • WOW(beta)


In the rank section we have 8 maps and players play these maps for rank push to make the account level higher than others. Here is the name of all eight maps below:

  1. Erangel
  2. Vikendi
  3. Livik
  4. Nusa
  5. Sanhok
  6. Miramar
  7. Karakin
  8. Random Map

Random maps mean, if you select this map area then the game decide and get you in any random map to play. If you are not sure which map is best for you then click on random map and let the game decided the map for you.


Unranked maps are divided into three more basic parts. In PUBG maps, unranked map are defined as those maps that player can choose to train your self and complete the RP missions. 

If you're playing unranked matches then these matches never effect your rankings. These maps only helps you to learn how you can play best in ranked matches. So there are more to three categories in the unranked section.

  • Classic Mode
  • Arena
  • Other

So these are the main options in unranked maps. Now here is the list on all these maps have some sub-maps.

Classic Mode (Unranked)

  1. Livik Aftermath
  2. Erangel
  3. Livik 2km/2km
  4. Nusa 

Arena (Unranked)

  1. Team De*thmatch
  2. Arena Training
  3. Gun Game
  4. Ultimate Arena
  5. Santorini
  6. Royal Arena: Assault
  7. Domination
  8. Assault

Other (Unranked)

  1. Payload
  2. Quick Match
  3. Sniper Training
  4. War
  5. VS AI (Livik)


This is recently added map in PUBG mobile and trust me you can't choose any map in this section. If you're going to try WOW maps then make sure to select your favorite one because there are many maps in this section.

We all know there are many maps in PUBG mobile and this wow section is divided in 4 sub categories. 

  • Hot
  • Featured
  • All
  • Mine

I'm going to cover only one type because these PUBG maps are the same in different categories. So here is the list of all WOW maps in hot section:

  1. Puzzle Solving (Hunted House)
  2. Team De*thmatch (Halloween Puzzles)
  3. Parkour Race (Halloween Parkour)
  4. Survival (The walking Deadd)
  5. Parkour Race (Halloween Palace)
  6. Team De*thmatch (Fully Wooden)
  7. Free for All (2v2 AMR)
  8. Free for All (2v2 M416)
  9. Battle Bridge

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