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Install 69Phisher Tool in Termux - NO ERROR


Install 69 Phisher Tool in Termux

Install 69 Phisher Tool in Termux

Best and easy to use phishing tool for termux. Many people ask me to make a new video on latest phishing tool. People getting errors in old phishing tools. But this tool is really amazing to hack Facebook and Instagram account.

I'm going to tell you the installation process of 69phisher account. Follow the instruction to install this tool in termux without any error. As you know my website is related to the hacking stuff. And you get many articles on different topics.

Even I add a practical video at the end of the articles, And this is specially for my YouTube subscribers. 69Phisher is one of the most advance phishing tool with almost 33 phishing templates. 

Maybe you can try a lot of termux tools, but this is something special for you. But before we proceed to the next step just take a little look on tools features. Must try this RAVANA Tool For termux.

About 69phisher tool:

This tool is coded in bash script and design by Akshy-Arjun. This tool can help us to take sensitive information from our victim. The tool 69phisher support the Cloudflare and localhost.

You can mask the URL in this tool. I think this is the most beginner-friendly tool on the internet related to the phishing attack. It looks really similar to the zphisher tool.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade -y
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install php
  • pkg install wget
  • pkg install curl
  • git clone
  • cd 69phisher
  • chmod 777
  • bash

The above commands help you to install 69phisher tool in termux. After putting the last command. The tool interface will be appeared in front of you. You have to choose the option that you want to perform.

In my case I choose option 2 for the Instagram. After putting 2 and hit the enter button the tool ask for the phishing template. So choose any scamming template that you want.

Make sure to enable your mobile hotspot before choosing the template and after this hit the enter button. This tool generates the victim link for you. Copy the link and send to your targeted victim.

Fix Errors:

Maybe some people getting error to generate victim link. So i suggest you to enable your flight mode for 5sec and then again try to generate link.

If the victim link is not generated while selecting the traditional page then choose different option to get the victim link. At the end if you still have any question then you can contact me on Instagram @masimtech.

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