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Install And Use WishFish Tool in Termux - Practical Video


Install And Use WishFish Tool in Termux

Install And Use WishFish Tool in Termux

Hello Everyone! Today in this article I'm going to explain about wishfish tool for termux. This is the most powerful tool to grab front cam snaps using a link.

Termux is the best OS for Android to run bash scripts. This wishfish tool is also coded in bash language. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack Facebook Account.

As you know, my website is the best source to learn about termux tool and ethical hacking with practical videos. If you want new updates too, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

The installation of wishfish tool is very easy, you just need to copy my given commands and paste in your termux terminal to run wishfish script.

Every new user on termux, ask me about different errors. But the main problem is apt update and upgrade. People don't know How to update and upgrade pcakages in termux.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install curl
  • $ pkg install php
  • $ pkg install openssh
  • $ git clone
  • $ cd WishFish
  • $ chmod +x * 
  • $ bash

I hope your tool is successfully run after putting the above commands. Termux app is also used to Track Someone exact location. A termux user did a lot of things by using GitHub tools.

When you put the last command, Then select option 1 (ngrok) to generate link. When you select option 1 after that you will see three options, choose any one of them.

I go for festival wishing in my practical video, so I suggest option 1 again. Now the tool will ask you auth token. This token is very important to generate a working phishing link. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

How to get Ngrok Token? 

First open your browser and search for If you list this website first time, then you have to create an account on this website using your Gmail. You can use temp mail to create this account.

When you log in to ngrok site, open dashboard and scroll down. You will see your auth ngrok token. Copy this token and paste in termux to run this wishfish tool.

Termux app is really amazing if you're a termux user then must read about How to create virus using Termux. Everything is practical on my site. So allow notification to get the latest updates from my website.

Fix Errors

Many peoples comment that we only get IP address from our victim. This is only happening when your victim does not allow camera permission, and you only get IP address from your victim. If You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online.

Make sure your victim open this URL in chrome or Android inbuilt browser, then it can access victim camera by allowing permissions and send snaps to you.

Ohhhoo! So we're talking about snaps, then make sure to read about How to Hack Snapchat account using termux app. I hope this article is helpful for you. If you face any error during installation of this tool, then contact me on Instagram @masimtech.

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