How to Hack Snapchat Account | 100% Working Method

How to Hack Snapchat Account

How to Hack Snapchat Account 

Hello Everyone! I know how many audiences are coming to my website because I am so much interested. That's why I keep uploading hacking tutorials on my website.

Where you can perform practically any action by watching these tutorials. So today, I will tell you how to hack Snapchat.

There are many ways to hack any social media account in modern times The only downside is that people are not familiar with these methods.

Many of us love to learn hacking and that's why we come to Google and search for Ethical Hacking Full Course. But don't read them completely.

That's why we can't learn anything because if you want to learn something, you have to work hard. But I won't take much of your time and I will quickly explain how to hack Snapchat account.

We are going to take the help of termux application to perform this procedure. If you don't know about termux, you can read about termux on Google.

Everyone knows the use of Termux these days. If you go to YouTube and search for termux tutorials, you will find a long list. In which many people have made videos on different topics. 

There are so many tools on Facebook cloning in the YouTube market these days that many people's Facebook accounts are being cloned.

Yes, we can hack anyone's Facebook account with the help of cloning, and it all happens because you keep your social media passwords very simple.

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Okay now let's get back to our topic and talk about Snapchat hacking. First go to the Google Play Store and download the termux application.

After opening the Termux application, in the commands that I am giving you below, you have to paste the income one by one into the termux application.


  • apt update && upgrade -y
  • pkg install git -y
  • git clone
  • cd zphisher
  • bash

This tool will start as soon as you use the last of the above commands. This tool can take up to five minutes to fully install, so be patient.

So as soon as the tool starts you will see a lot of options on the mobile screen from which you have to select the number 13.

You can also use other options in this tool. I mean, I've mentioned in the past how you can hack someone's Instagram account in termux.

Because number thirteen is used for Snapchat hacking. That is why we are selecting the number 13. After that, you have to turn on the hotspot of your mobile.

Now this tool will give you two options, one is local host and the other is Ngrok. Now type 02 to select ngrok Because the link generated on the local host will only open in your mobile and not in any other mobile.

This tool will allow you to generate two links. You have to copy URL1 and send this URL to your victim. As soon as your victim opens this URL, the official Snapchat login page will appear.

Your target victim will enter your username and password on this page and click to log in. All the data will be saved with you in termux.

There are many tools available on GitHub for phishing attacks and brute force attacks. It is not necessary that you can only use the tool I am telling you.

Now you know how to hack Snapchat account of your victim. But as I said at the beginning, everything I say on my website is just for you to avoid.

With the help of Termux application you can also trace someone's location easily. This means that if you start using this application, you can become a master in it.

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