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Hack Instagram Account | Real Method 2023

Hack Instagram Account

Hack Instagram Account

 Assalam o Alaikum Everyone. So in today's article I am going to tell you guys How We Can Hack Instagram Account Using Termux.

The attack I'm going to tell you today works in a way, just like the BruteForce attack. But this attack is also slightly different from the BruteForce attack.

I'm Already uploaded a lot of methods to hack Facebook accounts and other social media hacking attack's. But a majority of people's ask me about hack Instagram account.

First I will tell you about Phishing Attack which you can hack anyone's social media account by performing in Termux. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.

To perform this attack in Termux you will need a tool called Zphisher. On which I have already uploaded a full detailed article on my website.

Now I'm going to tell you about a new tool that allows you to hack Instagram account using Termux application in your Android mobile. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

Many people complain that hacking cannot be learned on Android mobile. I agree with them, but there is some part of hacking which we can easily perform on Android mobile.

I am going to tell you as much information about the hacking Instagram account. If you guys understand Urdu language, then I have made a practical video for you guys. Which you can easily download by clicking on the button below.

If you do not understand Urdu language then you can easily perform this attack by following my instructions. For the hack Instagram account, copy the commands below one by one and go to the terminal of the termux app and paste it.


$ apt update && upgrade

$ pkg install tor

$ tor

(Drag your finger Left to Right and open new session)

$ apt install jq git -y

$ git clone

$ ls

$ cd multiBF_ig

$ bash

So as soon as you put the last command, your tool will start. For hack Instagram account select your attack type which you want.


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There are three different categories to perform this attack to hack Instagram accountIf You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online.

  1. Hack with specific hashtag.
  2. Hack with specific username.
  3. Hack with specific word list.

(1) Hack Instagram Account with hashtag:

Using this attack, you can hack the account of random people on Instagram who have used this specific hashtag.

(2) Hack Instagram Account with Username:

This username attack is a target base attack. In which you can hack the Instagram account of a person with a specific username.

(3) Hack Instagram Account with word list:

To perform this attack you will need a word list which will allow Termux to try the password on this account one by one from your given password list if any of these passwords are correct. 

If so, termux will tell you that your password has matched your username. You will be able to hack Instagram account easily.

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