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Recover Hacked Facebook Account
Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Recover Hacked Facebook Account 

Hi Everyone! Muhammad is Here. So today's topic is how to recover a hacked Facebook account Without Any Problem. And the way I'm going to tell you is the only way you can recover your hacked Facebook account.

Why your account was hacked?

Many people make the mistake of having a simple password when creating a Facebook account. Like a hacker can hack very easily.

Kali Linux and Termux applications are mostly used for hacking. Your Facebook account can be easily hacked and cloned using these two operating systems Kali Linux or Termux.
Now Let's Talk About How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account. All you have to do is follow my steps and what I'm doing. You have to do the same on your computer screen or Android mobile screen

Step 1_

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Go to any web browser and open Google. After opening Google, you have to search in the search bar, recover hacked Facebook Account.
Step 2_

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

After searching, you will come across a lot of websites in Google results. But you only have to open the first website as I have shown above. 

We are work on First website, so you just click and open it. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

Step 3_

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

So as soon as you open the first website you will come across something like this interface. For Recover Hacked Facebook Account, Click on My Account is compromised.
Step 4_

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Then you have to search your Hacked Facebook account from your email or mobile number that you want to recover. 

As soon as you find your Facebook account here, you have to enter the old password of your Facebook account here.

Step 5_
Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Now Facebook Successfully indicate That your Facebook Account Hacked. You can see below that someone changed the password of my Facebook account nine months ago.

Now it's time to get back your hacked Facebook Account. Now click on Secure My Account.

Step 6_

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Now Facebook will ask us to recover our account by sending OTP to our mobile number. But we don't have access to email and mobile number Because that has been changed by a hacker.
Now click on No longer have access to these button.

Step 7_

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Now if the Facebook team thinks that the account you are trying to access is your own account. They will send an e-mail to your number or whatever e-mail you have added. And in this email you will get a link.

By clicking on it, you can go directly to your Facebook account and set a new password.

As you can see in the picture above, Facebook did not recover my Facebook account Because my Facebook account password has been changed more than once.

But if you recover a hacked Facebook account the way I told you, it will. I Hope This Article is helpful for you. If you want to know how hackers hack your account using Brute force or phishing. So visit my full site.

I'm Also Telling about Wi-Fi hacking or Instagram hacking, so you can say that my website is a full source to learn more about ethical hacking.

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