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What is Termux

 What is Termux?

Termux is an Android Terminal Emulator and Linux Environment Application. That is used in pentesting.

Many people question that we want to learn hacking. But we don't know which application to use to learn hacking.

So I will suggest only Termux application for those people. Because Termux is an application in which you can easily run any program using bash, python, HTML and many more languages.

How to download it?

If you have an Android mobile. So to install this application you have to open Play Store and in the search bar you have to search Termux.

If you can't find an application from the Play Store or you don't know which one you want to download there. So you can download this application directly by clicking on the download button below.


Termux for PC

Many people are texting me about how we can use Termux application on PC or on our laptop. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

If You want to get Termux for PC. So you need to download an emulator to your computer.

So I suggest you to download Bluestacks emulator in your PC to run Termux application on your computer.

But if you do not want to download the emulator to your computer. So in Chrome web browser you will find many extensions that you can use to download the online emulator and get Termux for PC.

How to use Termux App?

Now we know what is Termux App?. Now let's talk about how we can use Termux application for hacking.

Many people think that hacking on Android mobile cannot be done. In order to hack, you must have a computer that thinks completely wrong.

I want to explain to them that Kali Linux is also an operating system that was created for computers. So an operating system was needed for those who do not have a computer.

That's why the Termux application was introduced. In Termux Application not only you guys can understand hacking.

But also the Kali Linux that was used on the computer! Now You can also use it in your Android mobile.
Now I will tell you what you can hack with the help of Termux app?

So in the last few days I write a lot of posts on my website related to hubking. In which I not only provided you with commands! Also Provide practical video.

I want you to also read my previous articles and learn how hubkers hack social media accounts, and how we can hack someone account.

Basic Commands and its uses:

What is the Termux application? Knowing this, I will now tell you some Basic Commands. Which is important for every Termux users to know.

  1. apt update && upgrade
  2. pkg install git
  3. ls
  4. cd
  5. rm
  6. mv
  7. termux-setup-storage
  8. cd..

So these are the commands that are mostly used in the Termux application.

 apt update && upgrade 

This is the Termux command that must be run every time when we start to do any pentesting.

This command is basically used to update and upgrade Termux app requirements.

There are two ways you can use this command. Use these two commands one by one.
     $ apt update
     $ apt upgrade

 pkg install git 

This command is used to git clone URLs from anywhere on the internet. If you have not installed this pkg. So you will not be able to git clone any tool from GitHub.


This command lets us know which directory we are currently in.


As you know from the name cd mean change directory. So this command is used to change the directory.


This command is used to remove pkg and tools from Termux application. rm command stand for remove.


This command is used to move files from one directory to another. mv command stand for move. 
Using this command you can also move the files in Termux to the internal storage of your mobile.


As we all know our Android mobiles are very secure. So whenever we try to save something in our mobile from Termux application. There we get the error of permission denied.

But after using this command we can save any data of Termux in our android mobile.

 cd .. 

This command is used to jump back from two directories.

There is command and much more. But I have only told you what will be most used in Termux

I hope this article is Helpful for you. If you like this article of mine, be sure to share it with your friends.

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