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WhatsApp Hacking Using Phishing Attack


WhatsApp Hacking

WhatsApp Hacking Using Phishing Attack 

As we all know, WhatsApp hacking is almost not possible due to end-to-end encryption. But there are ways we can hack anyone's WhatsApp.

I’m talking about phishing attack. I think this is the most powerful attack for WhatsApp hacking. Today in this article we are talking about how to perform this attack using termux.

Before starting this article, if you don't know what is termux? First read about it on Google and learn some basic commands. 

A lot of phishing tools available on GitHub, but today we're using shark tool. This is the most advance tool for Phishing attack. If You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online. 

WhatsApp hacking is easier if you follow my commands. If you're interested in hacking, then check out my recent article on How to Hack a Facebook Account.

If you don't have termux app, then do not download this app from play store. Because if you download termux from play store, the termux unable to upgrade packages. 

So I suggest you to Download termux from F-Droid. F-droid is the only source, where you get updated termux app. When you install this app, open and type these commands one by one.

Use the above commands to run this tool. Know how to perform WhatsApp hacking attack. When your tool is ready and install all the requirements, the tool ask for ngrok token.

If you don't know, what is ngrok? And how we get ngrok token to run this tool. Go on Google and search for, open this site and log in using your Gmail ID.

WhatsApp Hacking

When ngrok dashboard is open, scroll down and copy ngrok token and paste it. Click on ok button to continue process.

After few seconds your tool is fully ready, and you will see a lot of options, like How to Hack PUBG-BGMI account, but we need WhatsApp hacking so type 11 and hit the enter button.

Now select option 'A' to generate link on ngrok. Put a redirect link if you want to redirect your victim to any website. Type N if you don't want. Must read about Hack PayPal Money Free.

Now again type any port but if you don't know about port, type n and hit the enter button. Remember one thing! Enable your mobile hotspot during this process. Otherwise, victim link is not generated in termux.

Ok, so this tool generated a particular link for you. Copy this link and send it to your victim. As your victim, open this link and submit his data, Every single details you can see on termux even you get WhatsApp OTP of your victim. 

We do not use any Brute force attack for WhatsApp hacking do i this is the only way to login you victim WhatsApp in your device.

I try my best to explain this topic in very simple language, I hope you understand. But if you have any doubt so don't worry I have a practical video for my Subscribes.

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