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What is Phishing Attack | Explain Shark Phishing Attempt


What is Phishing Attack

What is Phishing Attack?

Fishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent links to the victim by using any repeatable source. These attacks usually performed by using Kali Linux or Termux.

If you don't Know What is termux? Then first read about it. If you're my subscriber on YouTube, then you have a lot of knowledge about termux. 

In my recent article, I will explain about How to use Brute force attack. And I think phishing attack is more powerful than brute force attack.

Because in phishing attack, If you generate the ngrok link successfully, then you tried that your victim click on this link and submit his information.

As soon as your victim submits his information, all that information will come to you through this link. If you face any error while using termux app, then delete it and Download Termux from F-Droid.

Because f-droid is the only source Where you will find updated termux. Many tools on GitHub need root permission, but if you're a termux user, then you can create fake root in android using termux.

Ok so in this article we are going to discuss phishing attempts using shark tool and how this shark tool work in termux.

What is Shark?

Shark tool is one of the best phishing tool for advance phishing attack. This tool is used to get sensitive data from any person by sending a link. If You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online.

This tool is coded in bash language, and you can easily run this tool in your termux app. Shark tool is proper working in all android devices. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account

I think shark tool is best more than zphisher tool. Zphisher tool for termux, is used to Hack any Facebook account and many more things. Shark tool is same, but shark have some unique features.

Now let's talk about installation of this tool. So you just copy the bellow commands step by step and paste in your termux terminal one by one and hit the enter button to execute the process. Must read about Hack PayPal Money Free.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install wget
  • $ pkg install php
  • $ pkg install openssh
  • $ wget -qO- | bash 

After putting the last command, you have to allow some permissions by typing y and hit the enter button. GitHub tools for termux is really cool, you can install 500+ tools in termux just in one single click.

Ok so this is the simplest way to install shark tool in termux but if you want to install this tool in Kali Linux for phishing attempt then you can Run Kali Linux Online.

As you all know, I post theory as well as practical video on my website. So if you're interested in Ethical Hacking and you want to learn about hacking, then must visit my whole website.

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