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How to install 500+ Termux Tools at Once - All Commands

Termux Tools

  Install 500+ Termux Tools

As you all know my website is related to Ethical hacking. And I write about hacking tricks and tips on my website.
Most people know what is Termux application is and how to use it. But many people are still confused about the Termux and Termux tools.

People are confused about where we will get the tools for our work. For example, if a person is looking for a Wi-Fi hacking tool, So how does he know which Termux tools to use?

So that was a problem, and today's article is about that, Because in today's article I will show you how you can install Five Hundred Plus tools in Termux application with just one tool.

Yes I'm talking about Tool-X. By installing this tool you will get five hundred plus termux tools in just one click. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.

I will give you the commands below that will be used to install this tool in termux. Use these commands' step by step. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.


  • apt update && upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python2
  • git clone
  • cd Tool-X
  • chmod +x *
  • ./install

How to use:

This tool take some time to install after putting ./install command. If You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online.

When the installation is complete, you need to type Tool-X anywhere in the Termux terminal and enter. Now the tool has started so choose option as you want!

  • (1) To show all available tools
  • (2) To Show tools category
  • (3) If you want to update Tool-X
  • (4)About Tool
  • (x)To exit the tool.

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I'm not responsible for any misuse or damage by this tool. My All content is for educational purposes, So use this tool as your own risk!

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