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Get Information From IP Address Using Termux


Get Information From IP Address

Get Information From IP Address

Welcome back to another tool review post. After my recent post about how to crash WhatsApp, people ask for the IP tracking process. Phishing in cybersecurity playing a very important role, but this is not a phishing tool.

This is very easy method to get information from IP address using termux app. We just need a working tool to gather information from any IP address. Usually we ignore the importance of our IP address, and we share it on public, but hacker knows that the value of an IP address.

This is the excellent OSINT tool to get information of any IP address. IP Rover is one of the most advance tool for this attack. The installation process s very simple and you have to install termux app. If you don't have this application, download now from f-Droid.

When you install the app, open it and put the tool commands to install the tool successfully in termux. I give you all the commands below you have to copy all the commands and past it on in the termux.


  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade
  3. pkg install git
  4. apt install python3
  5. git clone
  6. cd IP_Rover
  7. ls
  8. pip install -r requirements.txt
  9. python3

The above commands will help you to execute the tool and this tool helps you to get information from ip address using termux app. Let me explain you in more detail about this tool.

The first two commands (apt update and apt upgrade) are used to update and upgrade all the packages in termux. Many people ask me, is it important to put this command every time. So I said yes! If there is any update in termux, so these commands helps you to update the new packages.

Termux is the only real app for android that can help you to increase your Instagram followers without any human verification or login your personal account. So basically termux is the best app for ethical hacking and some hacking attack for fun.

I always mention that, never misuse of these tools. This is only for educational purposes. Now let's back to the topic. Our third command is related to the packages. Every tool need some packages to be installed without any error. And this tool is coded in the python language, and we need to install python package to get information from IP address.

Now it's time to git clone your tool link and after some time your tool will be cloned in termux app. Now you have to change directory by putting the cd command and at the last you have to put last command to execute this tool.

People search how to get information from IP address and see some online websites that are totally fake and never give you the information of the exact city of your victim. But this Python based tool helps you to extract all information from IP address.

In my recent article I talk about how to Hack Facebook using termux and people love really like that tool. I always try my best to update the articles and tools commands to give you the most premium content. And I try my best to use simple English, so everyone can understand it.

When you put the last command the tool interface appear in front of you. Now you have to put the IP address of your victim to get all the information of your victim device. My website is related to hacking and If you want to learn more than explore all site. 

If you subscribe me on YouTube then you must know that I away attach a practical video for my subscriber where they can learn practically how to install the tool and how to perform the attack using the tool. You can watch the practical video by tapping on the below download button.

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