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Download Termux From F-Droid | Updated Termux

Download Termux From F-Droid

Download Termux From F-Droid

Hi Buddy! If you're a termux user, then this article is only for you. After the new update, termux is unable to update packages. So now we download termux from f-droid.

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What is F-Droid?

F-Droid is an open source software application for android users. F-Droid is similar to play store. On F-Droid, you can install open source or free apps in your phone.

How to Install F-Droid?

This is very simple to install F-Droid in your android mobile. Open any browser and search for f-droid, then scroll down to find a download button.

Click on the download button and f-droid app get started for installation. This app took some time to download, some repository. After that, your app is ready to use.

Fix apt update Error

A lot of my subscribers comment on videos about sir, this tool is not installing, how we can fix it. The problem is not within the tool, but within the application. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

Let me explain you! As we all usually use Play Store to install any application. But in case of termux app, if you download this app from play store, this app didn't work properly.

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Is F-Droid Safe?

Of course yes! If your play store termux not work properly, then you don't have any other way to get working and updated termux app.

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Download Termux From F-Droid

Follow these steps one by one to install termux from F-Droid without any error. This F-Droid termux is 100% updated and working in your android mobile.

  • Go to F-Droid site.
  • Download D-Droid app.
  • Open F-Droid app.
  • Search Termux.
  • Install Termux app.

See how easy it is. Just follow these steps and install termux and use your favorite GitHub tools. I hope this article is help for you, make sure to subscribe me on YouTube. If You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online.

If you have any problem regarding this app then feel free to contact me on Instagram @masimtech.

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