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Report Facebook Account Using Termux | 100% Working

Report Facebook Account

Report Facebook Account

HY Everyone! I hope you're all well. Today in this article we gonna talk about report Facebook account using termux application. 

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In my recent article, I explain about How to Use Brute Force Attack in termux. If you're a termux user, then make sure to check it out.

About Tool

This is the most powerful tool to report Facebook account. This tool also have some more features like phishing attack or Brute force attack. 

This tool is coded in shell language, so you can run this tool using bash command. I personally recommend this tool for Facebook reporting.

Using other features of this tool, you can Extract Facebook Friend's Mobile Number easily. Now let's talk about installation of this tool. Use the below commands step by step to install this tool successfully in your termux.

If you want to avoid errors in termux then make sure to copy and paste these commands in termux, and do not try to write these command by self.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ git clone
  • $ cd BRUTEFORCEnew
  • $ pip install requests
  • $ pip2 install requests
  • $ pip2 install mechanize
  • $ chmod +x *
  • $ sh

Proper Installation

If you are new user on termux app and your termux is downloaded from play store. Then may you face apt update and upgrade error. Now days, termux doesn't install or update all packages properly.

So first, use these commands to remove some packages from termux. 'pkg remove game-repo' When you put this command, termux need permission to continue, So type y and hit enter button.

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Second command 'pkg remove science-repo' give permission to termux by typing y and press enter button. After this process, your termux app is fully ready to install apt update and upgrade.

If you don't know anything about termux app, So must read about What is Termux? And how, read about some basics of termux. 

Now let me explain you a little more about this tool commands. When you put the last command to run this tool. The tool will show you many options, but you select option 9 and hit enter. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

After that, tool ask you for the target person to report Facebook account. Remember one thing, only put account ID in termux. If your victim customize profile link, then copy the first post link of your victim account.

So you can easily found account ID in this link. Also, this tool is used to Hack any Facebook Account. So must check it out other features of this tool. 

Tool Working

This is the most important paragraph of this article because I know a lot of peoples think that this tool is not working. When you run this tool to report any Facebook account, this tool applies reports on your victim accounts one by one.

But in some cases if your victim account is real and old account then this tool is not work on your victim account. But if your victim has a new account with stylish name, then this tool is helpful for you.

When you continuously apply reports on your victim account So that particular account remove or disabled from Facebook immediately. Ok, so that's it for today's guys. If You're interested in Hacking, then Must read about Black Hat Hacker Training Online.

I hope this article is helpful for you. I will also provide you a practical video of this tool. You will be able to easily install this tool and see how to use this tool. If you face any problem to install this tool them feel free to contact me on Instagram.

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