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No Grass File For PUBG 3.0 | BGMI-GL- KR


No Grass File For PUBG 3.0

HI Player! Today we discuss gaming configs, How we can use these files and how they effect on our account. Also, I'm going to give you the latest No Grass file for PUBG 3.0 and this file works on both BGMI and KR.

In my recent article I shared No Recoil file for PUBG and people love it Because, On this website you get the latest configs and all the files are anti-ban. 

This config has only no grass feature as we all know after every update PUBG and BGMI security got stronger. If PUBG security detect our file then may our account got banned for 10 years. That's why this config has only no grass feature.

Everyday thousands of people search PUBG keyword, some of these want to know Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan and some of these want to know about PUBG configs. I analyzed all data and then realized peoples are more interested in Hacks and Files.

No Grass File For PUBG 3.0

Today we discussed how to apply and download this file. Remember one thing, there is no password on this file. I see a lot of comment on my website regarding password problem. People do not check after downloading the file, and already write in the comment what is the password of this file?

This is no grass file for PUBG 3.0 has no password. You just hit the 'get file' button and download this config. I suggest ZArchiver app to extract my file. The zip file will contain a Files folder. 

Now the next process you can see in step by step. But What about BGMI? Will the process be the same for it? Yes! Just like White Body File for PUBG/BGMI. Everything is same in both of these games. Now let's talk about how to apply this file?

Apply Process:
  1. Extract Downloaded File.
  2. Open Extracted Folder.
  3. Copy "Files" Folder.
  4. Go to "Android" Folder.
  5. Open "data" Folder.
  6. Open "com.tencent.ig"(BGMI user choose imobile).
  7. Paste "Copied" Folder.

I know it's illegal to make any in-game modifications, So whatever you are doing is at your own risk. I know all the details above will be ignored by some people, So I will go ahead and try to explain them once again.

It's not over yet If You're PUBG Lite User then congrats on my website you get the latest updated configs for PUBG lite. Recently I update High Damage Config for PUBG Lite. If you're interested to and check it out.

Maybe the above link to download this config redirect you to another website. Don't worry, On the other website you will also find a download file button.

Maybe you guys didn't understand anything from the title of my article, so I'll tell you separately here in which version this No Grass File For PUBG can be used.

This Config Use for:
  1. PUBG
  2. BGMI
  3. GL
  4. KR
The procedure to apply this config is same for all the gaming versions. This config is 100% Anti-Ban and work on all devices except iPhone. 

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