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Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan - masimtech


Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan

PUBG is one of the most famous online game. On Play store, PUBG Mobile has almost 500M Plus downloads. Every single day, the number of downloads increases.

If you're a PUBG player, then this article is for you. In this article, we are talking about top 1 PUBG players in Pakistan and how they start playing PUBG, and now they become the top 10 Pakistani YouTubers. 

Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan

Here is the list of Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan.

Star Anonymous

Muhammad Mubeen AKA Star Anonymous is the most famous and most subscribed YouTuber from Pakistan. He lives in Rawalpindi and his most famous dialog is BAWA G, He was started his YouTube channel in 2017. Due to his hard work, he became the number one PUBG Mobile YouTuber. I’m also Big fan of you Mubeen Bhai!

FM Radio Gaming

Majid Rasheed AKA FM Bhai. He is a YouTuber and live streamer. He started his YouTube channel in 2016. After so much struggle, he became the 2nd most subscribed YouTube channel. People really love to see his gameplay and videos. As a PUBG Mobile partner, he joins a lot of PUBG events. He has 845k Subscribers on YouTube.

MR Jay Plays 

Jahanzaib AKA MR Jay Plays, He is one of the fastest sniper expert player. People loves to watch his TDM Videos with M24. He is also PUBG Mobile partner and most active live streamer. He has broken many records by making the longest live stream. Not only that, but he is a PUBG Player but also upload videos regarding GTA. He has almost 701k Subscribers on YouTube. That's why he is the 4th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

47 Khalifa

47 Khalifa AKA Usama Qayoom, So guys if you love TDM matches just subscribe him on YouTube. He is the most interesting person in snipping. He is the 3rd most active YouTuber. Furthermore, he has almost 776k Subscribers on YouTube. He is from Peshawar, and he plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone.

Zalmi Gaming

He is a Pakistani YouTuber with almost 556k Subscribers on his YouTube channel. Mostly, he played PUBG Mobile with his younger brother. Little Zalmi's YouTube channel belongs to his younger brother. Zalmai Gaming is a live streamer, and occasionally does a live stream on his channel.


Zubair khan AKA Predator, He is one of my favorite YouTuber because he is very competitive player in PUBG Mobile. He has almost 488k Subscribers on YouTube. He is the 2nd most famous PUBG Mobile YouTuber in Pakistan.

Ahmad OP

Ahmad Op is the famous Pakistani player of PUBG Mobile. He is from Lahore, and he started his YouTube channel in 2018. After a lot of hard work, 482k subscribers have been completed on the Ahmad op YouTube channel. As you all know, we are shortlisting top 10 PUBG player in Pakistan. So, This is the 7th Biggest YouTube channel in Pakistan.

Cute Panda

12-year-old kid on YouTube with 399k Subscribers. He started his career on TikTok. He lives in Karachi, and he is the youngest competitive player in Pakistan. After he got some fame from TikTok, he started his YouTube channel in 2020.

Dr Pikachu

Syeda Mariyam AKA Dr Pikachu is the most famous Pakistani girl streamer. She plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone. She is from Lahore, and she has almost 336k Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

SP Joker

Malik Ahmad Aka SP Joker. He lives in Sargodha, Sp joker is the best PUBG player and live streamer. He plays on iPhone, and he participated in many PUBG tournaments.

So this is the all information about top 10 PUBG Players in PakistanI respect the entire PUBG community. If my information is incorrect, can you comment and tell me that I made a mistake.

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