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How to Root Termux | Get instant Root Access


how to root termux

How to Root Termux | Get instant Root Access

Termux application one of the most useful apps to perform some attacks. This is a mobile based operating system. I'm not comparing termux with the Kali Linux or any other OS. But as an android user this is the only app that can help us to hack WhatsApp account and a lot of other things.

Many people asked me about how to root termux app. Basically they want to install some tools in termux that required root permission. We all know routing any android mobile is not a safe thing. 

Hackers can easily track or hack your personal information from your device. But how we can get instant root access in termux. So I have a method to create fake root access in termux.

After installing this tool, you can use any Wi-Fi hacking tool or any other social media hacking tool in termux. We have only two options: Number one, shit on Kali Linux to use some advance tool or root your termux app.

In published an article on how to run Kali Linux in termux. If you want to use nethunter in termux then must read that article. But Kali Linux on termux is not like the original Linux. It takes a lot of time to install simple packages like apt update and apt upgrade.

About Tool:

This tool has been coded in bash language. T-Root is the name of this tool. This tool help us to create a fake root interface for the user. Any user can easily understand the interface or exit from root ERA.

Installation Commands:

Use these commands to install this tool in termux. This tool make your termux rooted for the other tools. Copy the bellow commands and paste in the termux app.

apt update && apt upgrade

We all know about the above command. This command is used to update the termux packages and install the new version of packages (if available).

pkg install git

If you already cloned any tool in termux then you already install this tool. But if you're new to termux then make sure to install it. It takes 10 sec to install. But during the installation it asks for the permission. So press "y" and hit the enter button.

pkg install proot

Make sure to install this package to get rid of errors. After putting this command, maybe the package ask for the permission so type "y" and hit the enter button.


If you're searching for, how to root termux. Make sure apply this command before the git clone of this tool. This command is used to give permission in termux.

git clone

Copy the whole above command and paste in the termux terminal. Maybe this task take some time. Cloning any tool from the GitHub takes some time so be patience.


Now after the cloning process of termux root tool. It's time to change directory. 


Well! This is the most basic command ever. If you saw file in any tool then understand that this file is used to set up the tool in termux. After this command all the required packages are automatically installed in termux.


This is the final command to execute the tool in termux. I think the query about how to root termux has been solved now. Because after that every tool that needs root permission will be executed in termux.

At the end of this article, I recommend you to watch the practical video from the below button to see how practically install this tool in termux.

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