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Install Kali Linux in Termux - No Root

Install Kali Linux in Termux

Hello everyone in this article I will teach you how to install Kali Linux in termux (no root). Many people from channel wants a dedicated post on this topic. So here is the step-by-step process on how to install and use Kali Linux in termux app.

This method is without VNC viewer. We can run the Kali Linux on the terminal of termux app. Many people ask for the root permission so yes method can help us to install Kali Linux in termux without root permission. But as you know termux has a large database of repositories, so we can also set up fake root permission tool.

If you don't know about the root permission then I will tell you. Sometimes we clone tools from the GitHub and when we put the last command to execute the tool, the tool asks for the root permission. Means that you have to root your android mobile to run this tool.

Rooting an android mobile means, get full control on your mobile. We can delete the play store app from the android mobile after the rooting it. So these things looks very nice but at the end the security risk is very high, and even you cannot get any update from the android company of your mobile. Hackers can easily hack your phone because there is no encryption to protect your information.

Install Kali Linux in Termux


Storage: 5-7 GB
Termux App
Internet: 1-2 GB
VNC viewer app (If you're not a terminal user)

These are some basic requirements to install Kali Linux in termux. If you already have this app in your phone, and you regularly test tools on your termux then my suggestion is to clear your termux data and cache.

We really need some space in our device to install the Kali Linux in termux without root and without any error. There are many WhatsApp hacking tools that can be used in Kali Linux that why I'm shifting to the Linux.

Install Kali Linux in Termux (without root)

I never recommend you to download termux app from play store. Because you cannot find the latest version of this application from the play store. So download termux from F-Droid and then install it in your phone.

Also use these commands one by one to install the Kali Linux in termux. Do not skip any command if you're new to use termux.

  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade -y
  3. pkg install git
  4. pkg install wget -y
  5. wget -O install-nethunter-termux
  6. chmod +x install-nethunter-termux
  7. ./install-nethunter-termux

After putting the last command it takes some time to download root files. Maybe it takes 20 to 30 minutes. Everything depends on your internet speed.

Basically this method show you about how to install Kali Linux in termux, and we install the Linux in command line prompt. But if you want to use graphic Linux then VNC viewer help you.

After installing just type "nethunter" and the Kali Linux command line activated in your termux app. I hope this article helps you to install the Linux in your termux app.

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