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Best Email Marketing Tools: 100% FREE


Best Email Marketing Tools

We come across many tools in the market every day, Some email marketing tools are free and there are some tools that we have to buy. That means they are available to us for free for some time, but later we have to buy their premium version.

Today, we discuss the top 10 best email marking tools that you use for free. Maybe some of them are paid, but you really enjoy the trial version of every free tool.

Every tool website is user-friendly, so you can easily get 30 days trial for free from every premium website. Basically, email marketing is the process to spread your business without using Gmail or Yahoo etc. You never need to know any email address to send your business text to someone. These websites automatically send bulk email to every user.

1. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot, Probably great marketing automation platform that can offer us to send bulk emails specially for small businesses. You know why this is the best tool because of support, when you purchase the premium version of HubSpot a “Thank You” email received. 

Another good thing about this tool, In this tool a drop-down option is latterly rock. No need to put any effort, just drop-down and bOOm! In this editor you get the automatic generated templates, choose any format to send your business details.

This website provides you many tools for free, but if you sign in to this website, you will be given many more facilities. If you are facing any problem in your tool then you can solve the problem by talking to the support team, i.e. this website is also providing you support chat facility.

Sender is the quickly and easy way to touch in with your customers to grow your business. The special thing about sander tool is that you can work on it for free. If you have linked your credit card to the sender, you can cancel the payment at any time.

Use beautiful and branded email designs from sender tool library, and also you can make your own email template without coding. If you want to know about tool prices then visit the official website and visit pricing section.

This is a mind-blowing website to create newsletters like a pro and drag and drop blocks where you want to put it. This site has custom HTML feature to create your own template and design. If you are worried that your email design is not responsive and gets broken, then this website is the best for you. Because on this website you will find responsive email templates.

Most intuitive and smartest platform for growing businesses. Sendinblue guide your business with the right marketing tools. Also on this website you can sign up for free and use its free trial version for a few days.

Best Email Marketing Tools

  1. Email Marketing
  2. SMS Marketing
  3. Chat 
  4. Inbox
  5. CRM
  6. Marketing Automation
  7. Transactional Emails
  8. Segmentation
  9. Landing Pages
  10. Sign-Up Forms
  11. Facebook Ads

4. Omnisend

In the term of best email marketing tools, Omnisend is on number four. Best e-commerce tool ever, Omnisend claims to keep your shopper engage with you and send bulk email and SMS to grow your business.

This platform gives you the best template customization and 100% built template in responsive format. This website claim 47.7% conversion rate with SMS combined emails. It is the best Shopify integration ever. It was very easy to learn about how to create and send emails and how to use other features in this tool. Yup! This platform also have a free trial for you. If you want to spend money on this tool, must use free trial first.

Best Email marketing tool for automation and CRM. This tool increase your revenue and workflow. Send Pulse offer free trial to users for satisfaction, so first try the free version of this tool and if you think your business grow up using this tool then buy it from the official sendpulse website.


  1. Email Marketing
  2. SMS
  3. Chatbot
  4. Web Push
  5. Full Visibility
  6. Fast track information
  7. Make data-driven decision

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