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Best Phishing Tools for Termux & Kali Linux

Phishing attacks are common nowadays, but which tool is best for phishing attack and how it works? I explain everything in this post. Every day, millions of phishing attacks are performed all over the world, Specially Email Phishing is the most common attack that can hack your Gmail account.

I say in every video that phishing attack is the most powerful attack. With this, you can hack your victim's account 100%. But peoples wants to know how to hack Facebook account directly.

People think that hacking is just like what we see in movies, But this is not true. The hacker first manipulates you to hack your social media account. After which you click on the given link which hacks your account.

Phishing Tools for Termux

Phishing Tools

There are many phishing tools on GitHub that you can use in your termux app and Kali Linux. I had a new tool for you, this tool is the most advanced tool with almost 50+ templates for phishing attack.

Phishing attack is so powerful that you can hack someone's PayPal account through it. I will tell you about another such tool. PyPhisher is the best tool for phishing attack.

A lot of peoples facing errors in Ngrok link. But this tool provides you another option of cloud. Cloud is also a hosting platform to host your link online. Don't worry, I provide a full practical video for my subscribers to understand everything practically. You guys really love my last video on WhatsApp Hacking

Get Commands

This tool required high internet speed to download all the important files and templates. If this tool is not work for you then please use these more tool for phishing attack.

There is a problem in all the phishing tools I have published for you guys. Many people have commented that I have found that the generated link now redirects to the ngrok website.

That's why I brought this advanced tool for you guys because inside this tool we can use another feature apart from ngrok.

Two methods are always used to hack any social media accounts through mobile, the first method is phishing attack and the second method is brute force attack.

If you use brute force attack, there is only 40% chance that you can hack someone's social media account. But a phishing attack is an attack that can hack anyone's social media account 100%.

Did you know about the new phishing tool? That tool is used to hack android front can and the name of that tool is seeU. You can install SeeU tool in termux without any error and hack anyone front camera by sending a single link.

Earlier people knew very little about termux but as soon as people found out that only termux application is used for android mobile then the downloads of this application have increased a lot.

Because termux is the only application using which you can track anyone's location. There are many more things you can do in termux application, but foremost you should know how to use termux application.

I have given all the commands required to install this tool in termux above. But if you still face any problem then you can download the practical video by clicking below button.

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