What is Email Phishing? All Types of Phishing Attack.


What is Email Phishing

What is Email Phishing?

Phishing is a type of social engineering, This type of attack is used to steal sensitive information of user. For Example, Login passwords, credit card information etc. These type of attacks perform with the help of email and text messages. 

Attacker gain trust on user and then force to open or download malicious software or links. This software is embedded with dangerous malware that can destroy or steal your all information. Email phishing is often used to steal passwords. User receives an email and maybe this is a sponsorship email and the attacker want a full review of his software.

This is the point where the user confuse and for just some dollars he installs his software in his PC or laptop and give every single access to the hacker. I think we need to learn more in deep. First, why these attack perform so much? Is it any solution to get prevent from email phishing.

According to Wikipedia, almost 83% successful attack perform in 2021. Just think about it, almost 83% people loss his data online just because of single email. Hacker can use advance tool or software programs for phishing attack. Email phishing also perform on android mobiles. There are thousands of tools available on GitHub for phishing attack.

I think our education system is not secure as we need. Because nowadays, Hacker can Hack Bitcoin on Android phones, They simply perform a phishing attack on your device and hack your bitcoin wallet information easily. Every platform did his best to secure user data, but if the user make mistakes, then I don't think we have any right to blame on any social media platform.

Types of Phishing Attack

Types of Phishing Attack

So now we discuss few types of phishing. As we all know about Email Phishing, let's discuss a little more.

Email Phishing

Most of the attacks perform by using email. Hackers send a professional email to user. Also, they buy a professional domain name to do this fraudental attack. Hacker can also register and customize email according to his profession. For Example (mrdivik@photoeditor.com) As you can see how this email look so professional. 

Spear Phishing

Nowadays, spear phishing is the most common attack on social media. In spear phishing, the hacker already knows some information about the victim. The attacker already knows about victim name, his job title, Email Address etc. These type of emails can send only specific person.

Wishing Phishing 

This type of attack used to target users on mobile phones rather than emails. In wishing attack, attacker send some text messages to victim by saying you win a prize money, collect your money by sending OTP on this number. As you know OTP is the most secure factor of our bank account, if the hacker get opt then he steals every single rupees from your account.

Wishing attack also performs by sending wishing texts, For Example, This attack is usually performed on any culture event like EID or Diwali etc. When the user click on this critical link and open it, Every detail about user can be sent to hacker.

How to Prevent Phishing?

I think if you have some knowledge about hacking or cracking, then you're safe on the internet. Hacker always targets those peoples who have zero knowledge about hacking. To prevent phishing attack, I only suggest please do not click on suspicious links and emails.

Do not download any software from random websites and always check your Chrome browsers' permission setting to view which website have your camera information etc. Always trust on originals' website to download software and apps. Make sure your system enable security fire-wall because when a hacker tries to send phishing email he always requested you to turn off your system fire-wall security.

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