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Recover Hacked Gmail Account - Just in 3 minutes

Recover Hacked Gmail Account

Recover Hacked Gmail Account

If you are one of those whose account has been hacked, then this article is for you. In which I will tell you how you can recover your hacked Gmail account. This is one of the latest method and I think I'm the only YouTuber who publish this method on YouTube for the first time.

There are two methods to recover hacked Gmail account. In today's article, I am going to tell you two things. First is, If your Gmail account hacked and someone change your email password and phone number so how do you recover it.

And the second, If you try to recover your Gmail account and the OTP of recovery email send at the same email which you want to log in. This is the main problem, and now we use some trick and recover our Gmail account with the help of Google team!

Hackers can hack your Gmail account using Phishing Attack, So never click on unknown links. If your Gmail account has been hacked, or you did not receive your OTP on your email. In both cases, you have to publish a tweet on Twitter by tagging YouTube team. Copy the below tweet and publish it on your account.

Copy Tweet:
Hi @TeamYouTube Today my YouTube account automatically logout. I try to log in, but it shows password wrong. I try to recover it, but someone changed my account information too.

After this tweet, YouTube official contact you in DM.  Maybe they ask for your channel URL. So you have to go on YouTube and click on the top right side logo and click on your channel button.

Copy your channel URL and send it to YouTube team. YouTube team will give you a form, and you have to fill and submit this form within 72 hours. If you don't know how to submit this form, then go on YouTube and search for how to fill hacked YouTube channel form.

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