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Unlock All Pro Features on FaceApp For Free | IOS, Android

Unlock All Pro Features on FaceApp For Free

Unlock All Pro Features on FaceApp For Free

Many people use faceapp, but the main issue is watermark and pro version. People want full access and want to use all the filter without paying a single rupee. I'm going to tell you all information regarding the faceapp.

Many of you searched on Google about unlock all pro features on faceapp for free. And they get mod APK files in results. But these apps can only be used for limited time. I use many mods and try in different device these apps have many bugs and also these apps are not from official handles that's why these can cause the privacy issues.

Faceapp mod APK is edited by coders, and they code these apps like they want. But when we open the faceapp application it asks for the permission of your gallery. Because these mods are not official and not downloaded from play store so why we trust on these apps.

We all have many personal photos and videos in our mobiles so when we install these third part apps they steal our data and sell it to Google and many other companies. My websites are related to hacking where you can learn hacking from zero, and we all know the actual working of these type of mods.

But if you want to use faceapp and unlock all pro features on faceapp for free the here is the solution for you. I can publish and update all the mods on my website and on this site you get the cracked version of softwares and apps. You have to follow my instruction to install the app successfully.

Even you can download the adobe photoshop cracked version from my website. The faceapp have many features that can make your photos more attractive. You can edit your photos and apply filters for free. The most irritating thing is watermark but this faceapp mod APK remove the watermark on all your exports.

Unlock Features of Faceapp mod APK

  • No watermark
  • Unlimited Filters
  • Hollywood Filters
  • Hair color & Style
  • Age changer
  • Beard and Mustache
  • Makeup
  • Replace Background

These are the features that you can use after the installing this faceapp mod APK. 

How to install Faceapp pro in IOS?

This is the most asked question. Many people use iOS, and they want to use the crack version of faceapp, but iOS devices are more secure than android and iOS device did not accept the unknown apps. So when people try to download any cracked app, iOS security remove the mod immediately. 

But i have some solution that can can help you to install faceapp pro APK in iOS. First you have to disable the Apple Store security and then open the Chrome browser. 

Click on the download button at the last of this article and download this faceapp APK mod for your iOS. I publish this APK in zip format, so you have to download any zip files extractor from the play store to extract the file.

I personally use Z-Archiver this is the most useful app for free. You have to extract the file and click on APK to install it. Remember one thing if you already download the free version of faceapp from Apple Store then first uninstall it and then install the crack version of faceapp and this mod APK helps you to unlock all pro features on faceapp for free.

There are many versions of this app and people search for the latest one, but I think the old version is better than the new one. Because the old version has no more updates and the crack of faceapp wok for more time. But if you update your version then maybe the faceapp premium version not working in your mobile.

How to install Faceapp Pro APK in android?

This is the most basic method to install faceapp in your android mobile. Android security is allowed the unknown apps if you disable the play store security than any APK that is downloaded from Google can be installed in your mobile.

You have to remove the free version of faceapp and then install the faceapp pro mod APK in your android device. After installing the mod APK open faceapp and check! This mod APK unlock all pro features on faceapp for free.

If you think this mod is not working properly in your iOS and android device then please text me on Instagram then I update the latest version of faceapp mod APK. Sometimes this app only provides no watermark feature only so don't worry about it.

The faceapp pro mod APK is updated on daily basis so sometime it gives you all the pro features for free, and sometimes it gives you only no watermark projects. Watermark means when you export any video or photo, free version user always have a faceapp logo at the corner of every photo.

But after using this pro mod APK you can unlock all the pro features on faceapp for free including the no watermark feature. I hope this faceapp pro mod APK is helpful for you. For more hacking and cracking content you can visit the whole site.

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