Rise of Kingdoms Full Guide | Download Rise of Kingdoms APK

Rise of Kingdoms Full Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Full Guide

You're looking to get an action-packed high-powered quick start in rise of kingdoms. So strap yourselves in if you're looking for the very best guidance in how to start fast and start well in rise of kingdoms because we're going to deliver.

Hello my friends we're going to be starting a brand-new account to help teach you how to crush it in the very beginning of your game play and rise of kingdoms. 

Before we start we need rise of kingdoms apk to install this game. I am giving you the link of APK below which you can download this game easily by clicking on it.

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Start Civilization

So if you're looking to Rise of Kingdoms guide to play this game this article is for you, now for your starting civilization they're going to suggest Rome however I would recommend you instead go with either Britain or china. 

My top pick for you is going to be Britain the bonuses here are fantastic we're going with Britain we're going to skip through this portion of the tutorial, and it's going to run you through some rails. If you're intrested learn about how to win Fortnite.

Kingdom Map

When you finished the starting tutorial let's get right into it, you've got your city here and a lot of work ahead of you. If you zoom out there's a bunch of stuff to do, you've ported into a world.

And you can see in the map in the upper right that it is a huge world a gigantic map with a ton of action here, that you will ultimately get into but to start you've got your small plot of land to work with in your own little city.

Building Upgrades

That needs tending first and foremost these green arrows in the game mean that you can upgrade one of your buildings and on the topic of upgrading your buildings you should always be focused on your city hall. 

Upgrade your city hall at every opportunity and unlike some games where you want to go and upgrade all the buildings evenly as you go, you want to focus on doing the city hall. 

And any required buildings in order to get that city hall upgraded in order to advance your civilization as fast as possible. If you're intrested learn about Aim bot hack for Fortnite. 

Now your city hall is going to give you a huge number of upgrades as you level it up you can see all of these things by tapping into the info button and one of the biggest upgrades you can get is the ability to bring more troops And also bring more marches of troops onto the battlefield. 

So we're going to go now and do what we need to do to upgrade this building as you can see there is a prerequisite and that is upgrading the wall we're going to go to upgrade the wall and do that. 

Join an Alliance

Now this is going to take a minute and 30 seconds however one of the first things you should do is get yourself into an alliance alliances can help you with the construction of your buildings and that is profound for making you get progress on your brand spanking new account. 

Now in a perfect world you're going to find a nearly full alliance it's relatively high power but realistically out of the gates you know these eye alliances that require an application are going to be harder to get into. 

I'm going to start by picking an alliance that doesn't require an application, and my recommendation for you if you are starting over and rise of kingdoms is that you follow something called a jumper process.

How to Teleport

Now you can look at the end of this article that'll help you get into a new kingdom with a lot of power but even then you're still going to have to go through some of these basic starting activities. 

So we've now joined an alliance and because we've done that we can request help now you can see our alliance is located all the way over here the game is recommending that we use a beginner's teleport to get near to our alliance. 

Now it's debatable if I really want to teleport next to this alliance but for the sake of showing you how to teleport in this article you can see that you tap this button in the upper left you tap the city teleport button, and you can go wherever you want to go.

Here now this is expending one of the most precious starting items that you can get called a beginner's teleport, this actually lets you jump between kingdoms. This is not something I would recommend that you normally use to go near the group of folks. 

That you think you want to play with instead you'd be more interested in potentially a territorial teleport, but that is a slightly more advanced topic. If you're intrested learn about Latest Minecraft Cheats.

In this case we're going to teleport over here just to show you exactly how that goes, and we're going to get back to upgrading the buildings in our city our wall has been upgraded, and now we can upgrade our city hall. 

We'll select to get help here now one thing you'll notice is that currently I can only upgrade one building at a time, one of the first items that you're going to want to use is these builders' recruitment item. 

This is going to allow you to upgrade two buildings at the same time, and it's absolutely worth it as you rank up your VIP level which is something that gives you extra rewards for the duration of time. 

You've been playing the game or if you buy bundles or if you're an alliance that's buying bundles you get more VIP you get a bunch of boosts one of those boosts at vip6 is the ability to have two builders all the time. 

So you just popped an item that gives you two extra days of having an extra builder but probably within those two days you'll get to VIP six naturally and enjoy the benefit of having two builders all the time. 

So let's go now and upgrade one of these other buildings and at this point in the game it doesn't really matter what you're upgrading one thing I'll point out is that I do want to get all of these different buildings built in the first place every time you upgrade your city hall. 

You are going to get some new buildings in the early game here and so you're going to want to get those onto the board to start to get the benefits of these different buildings, including these military buildings. 

And I should be training some troops right now, but we're going to upgrade those buildings too. Now you can see that these buildings are going to be very fast to upgrade at the start, and it's not going to take many helps to get those buildings upgraded. 

Helps again come from your alliance members, and they speed up the amount of time required to upgrade your buildings, this goes a very long way. 

Commander Advice

Now once you're done upgrading these buildings, or you've got some of these buildings in queue and there's a sufficiently long amount of time between upgrades. 

You can start to think about other things that you want to be doing with your time in game and that includes optimizing your commanders and battling. 

Some barbarians, we chose Britain as your starting civilization because you would get boudicca as your starting commander. She is phenomenal for battling barbarians the epics that you're going to want to invest in the early. 

Game are going to be boudicca Sun Tzu and Joan of Arc in that order eventually you'll get your hands on some legendarily, and they legendarily are very powerful. 

However, I'm going to encourage you to focus on a few legendaries because upgrading your commanders is going to require sculptures.

The more you want to power up your commanders the more sculptures it's going to take in fact your first skill ups are going to be 10 20 sculptures, but your last skill ups are going to be like 80 or 75 sculptures for a legendary commander. 

Which is kind of nuts so all that to say you're going to want to pick and choose very carefully I'd recommend you focus rather than spread yourself thin and have a few commanders that are exceptional rather than a bunch of commanders that really aren't all that great. 

Now one or two things you need to know about commanders that can get you into some trouble is that when you level up your commander and unlock higher star levels you unlock more of their skills. 

Which you can then use more sculptures to skill them up what I want to call your attention to is the fact that the first skill is always better on almost every single one of these commanders whether they're epic or legendary. 

There are a few exceptions but almost always you want to make sure that you max the first skill before you put more star levels on a commander and that is because these skills will be randomly assigned when there are multiple skills available that are not maxed out skills max out at a total of five skill points applied. 

So you get one point already just for unlocking it and if you have more sculptures you could jump this all the way up to five, so I would recommend with your legendaries and your epics. 

You take the first skill to give then take them to two stars using star sculptures and from there you're in really great shape, and we've got more Rise of Kingdoms Guide about every commander to give you the most optimal route for unlocking their skills and which ones you should max out before you proceed.

Action Point

So with all of that said let's actually go and spend some of that green stuff all the way in the upper left here called action points, allow you to do things like battling barbarians. 

Which give you free rewards it's pretty much free you just gotta go and select a barbarian you bring the troops that you have to march, and you see I spent 50 action points in this case to battle this barbarian.

Now my troops are going to get weaker as that happens I hope we can actually win this fight we must need more troops, might have to speed some of those up.

But you're going to want to spend down your action points at every opportunity and rise of kingdoms and what I want to encourage you to do is use your naturally regenerating action points represented by this green bar you're also going to get a lot of action point potions. 

So that over time you can use them for special events to claim prizes and win those events, speaking of which is we go and look, there's a bunch of events that you're going to want to get done in the earliest days when you join a kingdom.

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