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How to Win Fortnite | Latest Tricks & Tips

How to Win Fortnite

How to Win Fortnite

In today's article, I'll be giving you guys some of my best tips to win more fights in Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 and for future seasons.

So I give you some Tips and tricks to win Fortnite fights and to play more consistent and just give yourself the upper hand against even some perfect players.

The first tip for this article is an absolutely critical one. Which is to find a consistent early game spot that offers everything you need for a good game. 

As you might expect coming out of early game with good loot is really important and being able to fight just a few players early on and then rotate out with good loot is a must if you're looking to win fights consistently. 

Obviously you have tons of options when it comes to drop spots, one that I personally love is sweaty sands or believer beaches it's called since one of the NPCs sells a shotgun.

Every game either a blue pump for 50 gold, a purple pump for 100 or a gold pump for 250. It also has another NPC which sells some sort of ar usually from blue to gold as well. 

Which is obviously really helpful to have but even though that can be really beneficial in mid and end game sweaty sins is still super contested this season. 

So you definitely don't have to land there unless you're super confident you're off spawn fights overall though, the moral of the story. Don't worry, I try my best to explain how to win Fortnite.

Here is to just find a spot with good looting materials that you can land at consistently learn the ins and outs of the spot, and you should generally come out pretty stacked, allowing you to win more fights and perform better in the later stages of the game.

Moving on from that guys my second tip to win Fortnite is to prioritize getting insane aim at this point in time almost every good player you're going to run into is going to know the basics of high level gameplay.

Most players can make peace control plays crank out some retakes but one of the main differences between pro level players and the average player comes down slowly to aim.

Now, obviously you can practice your aim in a ton of different ways, but my personal recommendation is to do aim dual matchmaking. 

The main reason I recommend this as opposed to something like out of game like Kovacs is one because every player is able to do it. Must check out Aim bot Hack for Fortnite.

Because you don't have to go through the hassle of switching between apps, obviously to run Kovacs on high fps you would have to close fortnight open code x then close Kovacs and then hop back on can see on available.

And you'll be able to do any aim duel scenarios you want with them, overall these scenarios can help you with all sorts of aim from close to mid-range shotgun fight shooting at someone who's gliding etc.

There's no specific set time that you should spend in raider's map, as it really just depends on how much time you play and how much your aim is struggling, but I generally recommend 15 to 20 minutes for most players.

Many pros are going to spend like 30 to 45 minutes doing aim deals every day but 15 to 20 should be just fine if you're not at the absolute top level competitively yet during this time try to use a variety of weapons like smgs shotguns ars and try to mix up the scenarios as well. 

So you can get the most well-rounded and effective practice in the shortest amount of time, aside from raider's map, you can of course use Kovacs's aim trainer to improve your aim.

So, moving on to tip number three, this is a really important tip that many players seem to overlook and that's proper material usage in my time vod reviewing and coaching players. Must check out No Recoil File for PUBG.

I see a constant pattern of players using the wrong builds for this situation for example if you get beamed in a fight your first instinct should be to use a hard material like brick or metal and get into a safe position.

That's common sense as rick and metal have way more hp than wood but I see far too many beginner to intermediate players using wood in these types of situations and as you might expect that makes it super easy to get sprayed or attacked. 

And the other side using brick and metal for things like cranking up in a build fight where those builds are most likely going to cover them for about half a second before they continue building up.

Obviously if you're just trying to build up fast and gain height there's no need to use anything except wood unless you run out of it since those builds are just really quick tiny bits of cover. Must check out Free Fire Hacks.

Absolutely brick and metal are more meant for long-term cover or something like a hard tunnel that you need to build so overall guys just try to be conscious about which material you're using in each situation and that should help tremendously.

When it comes to saving materials and performing better in fights overall, not to mention you're also going to be saving your harder materials for later in the game. When you're actually going to need them.

I hope you understand a little about how to win Fortnite. Now let's move to tip number 4. We've got another really important one, and that's practicing against high level players. 

This isn't really an in-game fighting tip on its own, but rather a tip that carries over into games. When you do it, one of the most important things you can do to improve as a fighter and play more consistent.

In Fortnite is to practice fighting against extremely high level players, that way the average player you run into in a game is much easier to kill, compared to the players you're usually against. What I recommend doing is joining a scrim server, maybe something like open scrims or g2 scrims.

Which is formerly known as Atlantis and basically just start looking for a 1v1, realistic chances are you're going to get some dms and be able to go against a bunch of pretty decent players who can give you some valuable fighting experience.

Most players that are looking for 1v1s in that server aren't quite pro, but are pretty good. If you're not quite an advanced player yet, and you tend to lose most of your fights in general.

Another option you have is to queue into matchmaking, basically by hopping into a realistic 1v1 map and entering one of the matchmaking portals, from my experience.

The players in there are actually surprisingly decent and can give some good practice, the map that I personally recommend is finest, realistic 1v1. 

I'll put the code up for that on screen right now and all you have to do for matchmaking is simply hopped into the map and then go enter the little matchmaking portal which should be over on the side basically from there.

You'll be placed into a 1v1 with a completely random player, and you're going to be able to play it out for 10 rounds or until someone decides to leave, you can also keep re-rolling after each 10 rounds to get a ton of 1v1 fights in against a variety of different players.

Pretty much at the click of a button, which is why I really like this form of practice.

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