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Free Fire Hack

 Free Fire Hack

Hello everyone, in today's article we are talking about free fire hack. I have the latest auto headshot hack for free fire.

I have a lot of content about gaming hacks on my website. Recently I upload the latest No Recoil File for PUBG

Many people were asking me about free fire hacks. They want headshot file Aim lock config etc. 

So I decide to explain the whole method to use this file. You don't need any password to extract this file. Its already extracted.  

The size of this file is only 8 MB, so you will not lose much internet data to download free fire hack.

This file works properly in every device. Whatever the version of your mobile, this file will work very well in your mobile.

Click Here to Download👇

How to use:

  1. Go to File Location
  2. Open HeadShot folder
  3. Open VIP Headshot file folder
  4. Copy com.dts.freefireth folder
  5. Go to internal Storage
  6. Go to Android folder
  7. Open data folder
  8. Paste your folder

Now everything is done, open your free fire game and enjoy this free fire hack.

More Explanation:

The first thing you need to do is download the file that I provided to you.

Once the file is downloaded, it will be found inside a download folder in your device's internal storage.

As soon as you click on a folder to open it, there will be another folder inside.

After opening another folder, you will find a file com.dts.freefireth in it. You have to copy this file.

After copying the file, you have to go back to your mobile internal storage and open the folder named android.

After going to the Android folder, you will see another folder named data.

Open your data folder and the file you copied. Paste that file into this data folder.

Is it Antiban?

While using this file, you may have a question in your mind whether using this file will ban our account or not.

So I said this no recoil file for free fire and auto headshot file is totally anti-ban.

The security of this game cannot detect this file, so there will be no problem with your account.

I provided a white body file for PUBG on my website. And no matter what the game, such hacks are detected very quickly

Benefits of this config:

There are many features available in this file that can make your game better.

  1. One tap Headshot
  2. Aim bot
  3. Aim lock Head
  4. Smooth gameplay
  5. 100% No Ban
  6. 100% Working
  7. 100% Safe
  8. Easy master
Using free fire hacks will speed up your gameplay, but will never develop your skills. 

If this file does not work in your Android mobile, You can try this Latest Free Fire Auto Headshot File.

All the hacks I mention on my website are just for fun. So I hope this article helps you find auto headshot config for free fire and everything which you want.


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