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New Flying Car Config for PUBG Lite | High Jump | No Ban

Flying Car Config for PUBG Lite

 Flying Car Config For PUBG Lite

Just like PUBG Mobile is played a lot in Pakistan like other countries Similarly, there is a lot of interest in PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile can always be played on a good mobile, just like our Pakistan's top 10 PUBG players play. But those who do not have a good mobile. They use PUBG Mobile Lite.

A lot of people say that if you don't have a good Android mobile, you can play PUBG Mobile online. But I don't think so at all, because so far no such update has come from PUBG.

As you all know, I keep writing articles about games hacking on my website in which I tell you about different types of hacking.

Recently, I also provided you a High Damage Config for PUBG Lite. Which you guys liked very much and you guys appreciated it a lot.

But today I am going to give you Flying Car Config for PUBG Lite 0.25.0. With the help of which you can blow any vehicle in any match.

I know many of you are wondering why using such a file makes our internet ping high. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.

Don't worry, using this file will fix your internet ping, and anyway I have already written an article on this thing in which I explained how you can fix your internet ping.

Many of my subscribers are using this Flying car config for PUBG Lite. With the help of this file, you will also be able to blow up all the vehicles in the air.

The config I'm giving you is a newly updated config, so you don't have to worry about whether it's an old file or not. Learn more about How to unban any PUBG Account.

This file is for Android, and it is working very successfully in all versions of Android. I am uploading this file because many of you were commenting that how to fly car in PUBG Lite.

Now I will tell you how to use this file. To use this file, I will tell you in steps that you have to follow them one by one.

How to use?

  • Open 'Download' Folder
  • Extract downloaded file
  • Copy 'extracted folder'
  • Go to 'Internal storage'
  • Go to 'Android' folder
  • Go to 'Data' folder
  • Go to 'com.tencent.iglite'
  • Open 'Files' Folder
  • Open 'UE4Game' Folder
  • Open 'ShadowTrackersExtra' Folder
  • Again open 'ShadowTrackersExtra'
  • 'Paste' Copied Folder
  • Click ok to replace with 'Config' Folder

More Explanation

First you have to download the flying car config for PUBG Lite given by me. Once the file is downloaded, it will be saved inside the download folder in your mobile's internal storage.

You have to extract this file as soon as you extract this file. This file will be saved in your downloads' folder as config Name.

Now you need to copy this extracted folder and open the Android folder in your mobile's internal storage. There will be a data folder inside the Android folder, you have to open it too.

After opening the data folder you have to find a folder named com.tencent.iglite and after finding it you have to open it.

Inside this folder, a folder named Files must be created. You have to open it, too. Now open UE4Games folder and inside this folder you need to open ShadowTrackerExtra folder.

As soon as you open this folder, a folder with the same name will be created inside this folder, You have to open it too. Must learn about 2.1 No Recoil File for BGMI.

Inside the ShadowTrackerExtra folder you will see a folder named Config. Now here you can do two things, one is to delete this config folder and which config folder you have copied! Let me paste it here.

If you do not want to delete this folder, and you paste the copy folder there, you will have a replacement option. You have to click ok and paste this folder there.

Is it Anti-Ban?

So far all the gaming hacks I have mentioned to you on my website are anti-ban. Because they are not visible to your opponent.

For example, recently I gave you No Recoil config for PUBG. Which is why you were able to set recoil in your game.

But if I were to talk about a flying car config for PUBG Lite 0.25.0, the use of that hack would endanger your account. So I would advise you not to use this hack on your original account.

If you want to use this hack on your original account, you can do it in just one or two games. If you use this hack too much, someone will report your account and your account will be permanently Ban.

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