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What is Ping Internet | Fix Lag 100%

What is Ping Internet

 What is ping internet

In today's article, we will talk about what is Internet Ping? And how can we fix that?

If you are a gamer or a normal internet user, you must have experienced high ping at some point in your life.

So the question is What is ping Internet? So I would say that if you call the word 'ping' a delay, it will be much better.

When your ISP (Internet Service Provider) Transmit low data packets to your device So it causes high ping.

Let me try to explain to you with an example what low data packets are?

You have often heard from your friends that take the SIM Card of this company, its internet is very good.

Or you may have heard that never take the SIM Card of this company, its internet is very bad. So this is the difference in Internet Service Provider! Some ISP is good, and some ISP is very wasteful.

I hope you guys understand everything about ping internet. There can be many reasons besides ISP. This can cause your device's ping to be high.

How to identify low ping or high ping

This is very simple to identify low ping or high. If you are a gamer, and you feel latency during the game then understand that your internet ping is very high.

If the amount of Ping is less than 100ms, the gamer can easily complete the game with poor lag. And the amount to ping is 50ms or 30ms then, this is the perfect ping for a gamer. 

But if the amount of ping internet is more than 100ms then you can't play any online game properly. 

If you play PUBG mobile online, then you must need low ping internet to play smoothly without any delay or lag.

How to fix internet ping

  • Close All opened tabs
  • Disable game mod
  • Choose best ISP
  • Use any cache clear app
  • Choose open space for playing
  • Use any RAM cleaner
  • Disable auto updates
  • Remove devices from Wi-Fi
  • Place router in open space
  • Use an Ethernet cord
  • Disable background apps

Close all Tabs

Often we open a lot of things using mobile. We do not close the tabs of all the things we open.

Which is why all those things keep running in the background. And we all know that if something is going on in our mobile, it is taking some part of our internet and our mobile RAM.

So it is very important that we clear all the tabs in our mobile before playing any game.

Disable game mod

I don't know if you guys have ever experienced this! But in my experience, if you have game mode in your mobile, your internet ping will be high. So just ignore game mod to maintain internet ping.

Choose Best ISP

This is very important to choose the best ISP(Internet service provider). Because if we get good and fast internet, then our game will not lag.

Choose any cache Clear app

Sometimes we delete a lot of files and applications in our mobile after downloading, but some part of them remains in our mobile.

These tiny files together consume a lot of your device's memory. So it is very important that you install an application in your mobile that is deleting your mobile data caches.

Choose open space for playing

There are many of us who face high ping internet because they are using mobile in a closed room.

If you are using SIM data or using Wi-Fi internet, it is important that you use this internet in an open space.

Use any Ram cleaner

As I told you, there are a lot of IOS Files working in your device, so you will need a RAM clear application.

If you are an Android user, then you get RAM cleaner by default in Android mobile.

Disable Auto Updates

Sometimes our mobile phone is on auto-update. So when we connect to the internet to play a game, a lot of applications get updated due to auto-update.

Due to which our internet becomes slow, and our internet ping becomes high.

To avoid auto-updates, you'll need to go to the Play Store and turn off auto-updates from there.

Remove devices from Wi-Fi

This option is for people who use Wi-Fi for internet. So if you have a Wi-Fi connection, but your internet ping is still high.

Then there may be many more people connected to your Wi-Fi router. 

And when more people use the internet at the same time, the ping of the internet in your mobile will remain high.

That's why you need to remove connected devices from your Wi-Fi router.

Place router in open space

In this option, I have tried to explain to you that you have to place your Wi-Fi device in an open space area.

Use an Ethernet cord

The issue of ping in networking is the most effective while playing online games like FPS Games. So basically an Ethernet cord is used by streamers to maintain internet ping while doing an online stream.

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