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Zphisher Termux Commands | Step By Step - masimtech

 Hello Everyone Muhammad Asim is Here from M Asim Tech YouTube Channel. So today in this article I give you Zphisher Termux Commands to use in Termux app.

Zphisher Termux Commands

Zphisher Termux Commands

So if you follow my instructions then you do it easier. So if you're had an Android mobile then first go to play store and download the app named by Termux.

But if you want to use this process on PC or Laptop then download and install the Kali Linux app in your Laptop or PC. And use Zphisher Termux Commands in Kali Linux step by Step.

Error Problems:

Before starting Zphisher Termux Commands script I just tell you about some errors may you face during install this tool. So basically there are three types of error may you face to use Zphisher Termux Commands.

1# permission denied 
2# Link not generate
3# Stuck during Loading

So let me tell you the solution to these three problems and how we can solve these problems. So that we can use this tool easily using Zphisher Termux Commands.

Zphisher Termux Commands

*If You face permission denied error in this tool then type this command ' termux-setup-storage ' and hit the enter button.
*If your link is not generated then open your mobile hotspot and try again to generate the link. It works 100%.
*If you stuck during downloading some packages then make sure to have high speed internet.

You may have tried many other methods before but the method I am going to tell you about will work 100%. I am going to give you some Zphisher Termux Commands that you have given your own. Paste one by one in the termux app.

$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade
$ pkg install git
$ pkg install php curl openssh -y
$ git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher
$ ls
$ cd zphisher
$ bash zphisher.sh

Ok, so Here is the Zphisher Termux Commands to install this tool successfully. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

After that choose your template as you want like Facebook Instagram etc. So you select it, then choose option 2 for installing the link on ngrok.

ngrok generate a link if you enable your mobile hotspot. So copy this link and share it where you want. So I hope this article Zphisher Termux Commands is helpful for you. If you face any another problem, then contact me on Instagram. And please don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

                                                                     PRACTICAL VIDEO 

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