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No Recoil File For PUBG Lite

No Recoil File For PUBG Lite

As you all know, I keep uploading gaming hacking related content to my website. So I started getting comments from a lot of people that we need no recoil file for PUBG lite.

Just like PUBG Mobile is used by a lot of people, there are some people who don't have high-end mobile, so they play PUBG Lite.

In today's article I am going to give you guys No recoil file for PUBG Lite which will be used for version 0.22.0. Since Sep 17, there have been no new updates from PUBG Lite.

A few days before today, I gave you No Recoil File for PUBG Mobile. Which people used and appreciated me a lot. I keep updating the articles on my website daily, so you will find the latest No recoil files on my website.

Because in today's article I am talking about PUBG Lite, I will provide you no recoil file for PUBG lite and I will tell you how to use this file.

If you have been using files for a long time, you should try high damage config for PUBG Lite. Using this file will increase your damage rate by 50%.

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Now I want to tell you some information about no recoil file for PUBG lite, and you have to follow all the steps one by one.

How to Apply

  • Uninstall PUBG Lite
  • Install PUBG Lite apk
  • Copy obb file 
  • Go to Android folder
  • Open obb folder
  • Create new folder by name com.tencent.iglite
  • Paste obb file in new folder
  • Go to Download folder
  • Copy com.tencent.iglite folder
  • Go to Android folder
  • Open data Folder
  • Paste copied folder


First you have to download my given file. After downloading this file, you need to open the Zarchiver application and extract this file. Download No Recoil File For PUBG NEW STATE.

There is no password on my given file, so you don't need any password. As soon as you extract the file, you will find three more files inside this folder.

  1. PUBG Lite Apk
  2. Obb File
  3. Com.tencent.ig Folder

First, you have to uninstall the PUBG Lite application in your mobile. And you have to install the APK PUBG application that I have given you.

After installing PUBG Lite, do not open it, just click on Done button. Now you have to copy the obb file given by me from the download folder. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.

Now you have to go to the Android folder and open the obb folder. And there you have to create a new folder named by com.tencent.iglite.

Inside this new folder you have to paste your copied obb file. Now you have to open the given file in the download folder and copy the com.tencent.iglite folder from it.

Now you have to go back to the internal storage of your mobile and open the Android folder. And you also have to open the data folder inside this folder.

Paste the copied folder in data folder. After that no recoil file for PUBG lite will be applied to your game.

Fix Errors:

A lot of people were having a lot of problems after using this hack, but I will tell you how you can fix the problem.

Whenever you apply this file, your game may automatically shut down after opening. This problem will only come to those who belong to India.

So if you want to use PUBG Lite while living in India then you need VPN. You have to open the VPN, then play PUBG. Your PUBG Game will open.

WP Not Showing

People stop having wp mission shows when they use no recoil file for PUBG lite. This problem can be solved very easily. All you have to do is understand the method I have mentioned.

First you need to open the ZArchiver Your application and go to data folder. Once in the data folder, open your packs' folder.

Inside the pack folder, you will find a packed file named rdguru gamer.pak. You need to cut this file and put it in another folder.

After doing so, as soon as you open your game, you will start showing WP missions. You have to take a screenshot of your WP missions.

Now you have seen your missions and when you open the game to fulfill those missions you have to play the game by pasting the same file in its place.

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Is it Anti-Ban?

On the Internet you will find a lot of No Recoil File for PUBG Lite. But people always need a file that doesn't ban their account. 

People's accounts are banned because people use hacks that are clearly visible to other enemies, For Example Flying Car config For PUBG Lite.

But if you use the no recoil file provided by me, your account will not be banned in any way. Also, I have explained on my website how to unban any PUBG account if it is banned.

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