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How to become a successful Blogger

Hello everyone Muhammad Asim is here from M Asim Tech YouTube channel and I will show you how to become a successful Blogger in your career.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a type of site in which you can write a lot of articles and share information about your stories and whatever you want to share with your audience.

Blog is also a product of Google and it works like a website like if you can't afford domain or hosting then domain is the best choice for every Man.

Benefit of Blog

If you're a website user then you may don't know about anything of blog but a blogger  get fast approval from the AdSense. And maybe your site can take a lot of time to approve it.

If you're a website user then may you invest a lot of money to buy domain or hosting but blog is the product which you can use it free of cost.

Google provide everything to you like you don't need to buy hosting. And if you know about upcoming updates then you must know that now you do not need any domain.

Yes you here right new update is Such an amazing for new users and bloggers so now you can get approval on easily.


If you want to become a blogger then you must know about the requirements to approve your blog.

The first one is you need to post at least fifteen post on your blog and these post should publish regularly. If you're not regular then maybe it hard to get AdSense approval.

If you have a domain then remember that your domain age must be three to four years old then you can apply for AdSense. Google is a smart robot who can see your every activity.


A successful Blogger can face a lot of problems to achieve their goals so maybe you also face some problem like violation and AdSense already available etc.

So if you received a mail of violation then you have to check your blog carefully. Like your images are non copyright and your content is really written by you. If you copy these content then you violate the AdSense policy's.

If you have an already AdSense account then apply your site on it but if you  make a new account and then apply so maybe you can't approve your site fast so please make sure to delete your duplicate AdSense account.

I hope this article is helpful for you.  So if you want to read more articles and want to watch videos then must subscribe our YouTube channel.

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