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Click Assistant App

Hello everyone Muhammad Asim is here from M Asim Tech YouTube channel and today we are going to review a an app.

This app is just for Android users and if I suggested you this app then you know that something is special in this app. So let's review this app fully.

Size of App

Click Assistant app have ten to fifteen MB size on play store this maybe change in your device because I'm user of infinix hot 9 so maybe it shows me the wrong size of this app.

Rating & Downloads

If we are talking about the downloads of this app so you not imagine this app have a 1M+ user on play store and everyone is applicant this app in the review feed.

So if we talk about the rating of this app on play store so trust me this app contains 4.5-star rating on play store and the poll on one star or three star is just started point.

So you can say that this app is the best app on play store if you want to use this app so why are you waiting for just read this article and a telling you every thing about this app.

Review App

This app is using to do work automatically like if you want to click on some buttons again and again so you don't need to do this just install this app and set the button position this app can do everything remotely.

Well if you not understand let's give you another example if you are interested in Online Earnings and you can see a website who can pay you to see ads then you release that you going to click on play adds button for every second.

But if you have this app then you just set the timer and button you want to press it after that time and play the app. This app can do automatically press buttons and your ads can play automatically.


This app also have a lot of others option like you not just click automatically you can also use a swipe up mode like if you want to click after swipe up.

Then you can add this mode and this mode work for you like you can record it. And there is also have some others options like plus or negative sign to remove the replacement. Or add the replacement so just applying it as you taste.

Thai app contain a lot o permissions like your gallery or location so you can allow it to use this app properly.

How To Download

Thai app is available on play store so just go on and search for Click Assistant you can see the app and press the installation button. After some time this app is successfully installed in your phone and ready to use.

I hope this article is helpful to you and if you not subscribe us on YouTube do what are you waiting for go on YouTube and subscribe to the M Asim Tech channel for latest videos or updates.

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