Compression between Google AdSense or Admob | Which One is Best To Earn More Money

Google AdSense VS AdMob

Hello everyone Muhammad Asim is here from M Asim Tech YouTube channel and I will be there to tell you about AdSense or AdMob accounts.

Google AdSense

AdSense is the product of Google which you can use to receive your payments which can Google send you as a reward of your content.

When your site or your YouTube channel is ready to show adds then Google AdSense review it. And turn on ads on your site. Yes of course this may take a week or more to approve your site.

Google AdSense some times take a long time period to approve your site. And some time it just emailed you that you're not valid to get AdSense account. And some time you may face you need to fix some errors on your site etc this types of problems.

Some time Google AdSense mailed you that your site is violated our community guidelines so why your AdSense is not approved easily.


AdMob's account is one of my favorite because it approved your site in just 24 hours.

But the AdMob is used to run ads on application not on sites so maybe this is much difficult to show adds on website or blogger.

When you submit your site for Admob it takes just few time to approve you sometime it takes some several hours to approve your site.

Compared Google Adsense or Admob

You need to posts atleast fifteen to twenty post on you site to get approval on the Google Adsense.

No need to post any thing on your blog or site to get Admob approvel on your site.

Google Adsense maybe not approved your site faster but the Admob can approved your site in just some hours.


Admob is easier to get approval but the earnings is very low as compared to Google Adsense because Google Adsense can have more money as compare to admob.

So I suggested you can signup for Adsense. You just wait for some time and post on your site regular to get fastest approvel on your site.

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