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Create AdSense Account

Hello everyone Muhammad Asim is here from M Asim Tech YouTube channel so today I'm telling you that how to create an AdSense account.

So maybe this AdSense account you used for your blog or website and you YouTube channel. Whatever for everything you need to sign up for AdSense.

AdSense for YouTube

So if you're a YouTuber and you are a content creator then you can earn money from YouTube. When AdSense is approved on your channel and your channel got monetize then you can earn.


If you want to become a partner with YouTube AdSense then there are some requirements you need to fulfill.

If you're running a channel then make sure you have at least one thousand subscribers on your YouTube channel. And your videos watch time is four thousand hours. So when you complete it you become a partner with YouTube AdSense.

Actually this the requirements to apps be your channel for AdSense. So it takes some time to review your channel and if your channel doesn't against any YouTube violation.

AdSense for Blog

If you want to make your own blog then make sure to purchase a high level domain. etc. So after that you must know your domain is at least four months old.

So you can apply it for AdSense and AdSense will provide you add to make your site moneymaker machine.


There are some requirements to approve AdSense easily. First one is your domain is at least four months old. You have to write at least fifteen to twenty post on your blog with five hundred plus words.

How to sign up for AdSense

This is very easy method to sign up for AdSense so if you're on YouTube so when you complete your YouTube criteria the mail the YouTube to telling that you have completed your subscribers and watch time so now approve my channel.

After some days YouTube review your channel and enable your monetization on your channel and you get a button of AdSense.

As you click on it, you redirect to your official AdSense account. Which you can see that your monthly earning and CTR etc.

So if you have a blog and you want to monetize it then I suggest you to apply it in your blog. If your blogger then you know that blog has introduced a new interface. 

So it's too easy to apply for AdSense in the new blog interface. So after creating your blog your sign up button you can see in earnings area. So you can apply it from here.

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