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WORKING 2.0 No Recoil File For PUBG | Anti-Ban File


2.0 no recoil file for pubg

2.0 No Recoil File For PUBG

Hi Buddies! We are back with new topic on PUBG mobile 2.0. I hope you guys update your PUBG App because on 11 May PUBG new update has been arrived, and almost every user update it.

As you know my website is the best source of hacking and cracking, on my website you get the latest updates on game hacks with practical videos. Today, I give you the latest 2.0 No Recoil File For PUBG

This update is really amazing, PUBG 2.0 announce some new and interesting features in this update. PUBG introduces new livik map and in this map we see a lot of new things. This new map is totally different and PUBG add some games in it.

In this map, you also enjoy soccer challenge and collect coins in reward to buy loot.  Let's discuss all the new features in some details. When you update your game then click on the right bottom button to open menu, A new feature add in this menu named by Haptic feedback. So how this feature work? Basically, PUBG always focus on game experience and this feature is also helpful to improve your gameplay.

This is a vibration alert for the players. There are a lot of options in Haptic Feedback, so you can choose what u need. Let me explain you with example, When you break the window your mobile start vibrating also when you hit any enemy your mobile should vibrate. But this feature is only available in high-end devices. So you don't know about this feature, go and check it out.

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These feature is useable after applying 2.0 no recoil file for pubg. Next feature is about Status, PUBG makes some changing in this option  PUBG Introduce new Team-up Status Feature in 2.0 Update. In the team-up status, you will automatically accept your friend's team-up requests when you're in the lobby and aren't in the team. You can use these three template massages to invite your friend, Lets Rank Up, Lets Team Up, Carry Me! 

Next feature is Emergency pickup Bag. This bag is used to clip the player with airplane. This feature mainly used to cross zone. This feature is only available in Erangel and Miramar. Emergency pickup back, climb all your teammates to reach in circle and click on exit button where you want to land again.

PUBG adds a new vehicle named UTV, this is similar to monster truck. Great pickup vehicle and I personally enjoy the ride on UTV. PUBG makes a lot of changes in game or maps, I did not cover all of these, But I told you the important features above. Now is your time to check PUBG new 2.0 update and enjoy your gameplay.

Let's talk about 2.0 no recoil file for pubg. This file is used in both 32 bits and 64 bit devices, so you can download and use this file easily without any error. In my website you get the latest configs and hacks. If you're interested in hacking, then make sure to read about Email Phishing Attack.

If you already use configs in previous season then you already know about the applying process, but if you're new to this then follow the below instructions to apply this 2.0 no recoil config.

Apply Process

  • Download File
  • Extract File
  • Copy Obb
  • Go to Internal Storage
  • Go to Android Folder
  • Open Obb Folder
  • Go to com.tencent.ig
  • Paste Obb file

This is very easy to apply this no recoil file for pubg. Let me explain you more. First download this file by clicking on Download file button and after the downloading open download folder and extract this file. Remember on this file has no password. So you just click on this file and extract it without any password.

2.0 No Recoil File For PUBG

We are talking about PUBG 2.0 No Recoil File and how to apply this file for no recoil in game. So when you extract the file, open the extracted folder and copy obb file after that go to your device internal storage and open android folder then go to Obb folder and open com.tencent.ig folder.

Ohh one more thing if you don't know to extract zip files then go on play store and download ZArchier app. This is the most common app that is used to extract zip files. 

When you open com.tencent.ig folder. In this folder you need to paste your copied file. Now restart your device once and open PUBG to enjoy 2.0 no recoil file for pubg. If I'm talking about some features of this file, so this is only no recoil file, there is no other feature like fast speed or high damage. 

If I add all of these hacks in this config, then I'm 100% sure PUBG security ban your account instant. As you know, my suggestion is very simple, do not use this config on your main ID. There is no issue with this config, but if you spend money to buy UC on your account, then don't take the risk.

If you're interested in Hacking, then must join our Black Hat Hacking course for Free. On my, I also provide practical videos to my visitor and followers. If you have any question about this article, then contact me on Instagram.

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