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3.2 No Recoil File For BGMI | No Ban

3.2 No Recoil File For BGMI

3.2 No Recoil File For BGMI

Hello Everyone, I hope You are all well and enjoying your life to the fullest. In today's article, I will give you a 3.2 No recoil file for BGMI and tell you how to use this file.

Recently, BGMI developers have reveled that about 16 million people are currently playing BGMI. And now PUBG Release a new version, If you want to play then go and Download PUBG New State APK.

It also shows how much people are interested in BGMI. Earlier in India PUBG game was played but due to some security reasons PUBG game was banned there.

But now PUBG is back, but its name has been changed into BGMI. If you are interested in PUBG configs, then must try No Recoil File for PUBG Lite.

Finally, BGMI 3.2 update has been release and this update is perfect for all the players. BGMI players waiting for this moment from many long times. And finally on 29 Nov new update is come.

If You're more interesting in BGMI than must try Bullet Tracking config for BGMI. This file is also Anti-Ban. I'm providing every content on gaming hacks and make this blogger website on the top o game hacks' category.

But there are some people who can't set sensitivity in this game. Due to which they cannot face their enemy.

I'm going to give them a no recoil file for bgmi today. With the help of which, the recoil of their game will be absolutely zero.

Many people are already using this file, but recently a new update of BGMI has arrived. I also have solution to fix internet high ping.

Due to the new update, all the old files have stopped working. 

But I'm going to give you a new, 3.2 no recoil file for bgmi that will work 100% on your device. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.

This file is for new update 3.2 in bgmi. This file works just like the No recoil file for PUBG. We all know PUBG is the most played game and BGMI is only playable in India, But now I have good news about the bGMI.

Battleground mobile India officially announce by posting on Instagram handle that bgmi is officially back in India very soon. BGMI players are very happy now.

How to use

  1. Download File.
  2. Then extract it.
  3. Open extracted folder.
  4. Copy 'obb' file.
  5. Go to 'Android' Folder.
  6. Open 'obb' Folder.
  7. Go to 'com.tencent.imobile' folder.
  8. Paste your copied obb.
All content on my website is related to hacking In addition to PUBG and BGMI, I also mention free fire hacks.

Deep Explanation

I have some deep explanation for you. Many people don't know how to apply this 3.2 no recoil file for bgmi and that's why I'm here to explain you in full detail. First, you have to download the file from the end of this article.

I always put the download button at the end of all the publishing articles about the PUBG and BGMI hacks. So when you download the file you have to extract it. Many apps are used to extract files, but personally I use Z-Archiver app. Learn more about How to unban any PUBG Account.

This app is free for everyone and available in all countries to extract any type of file. But I provide you a ZIP file that can be easily extracted from this app. When you extract the file then open the extracted folder.

This is very important step there is always two folders, the first one is zip and second one is extracted folder. Open the folder and copy the 'Files' Folder. Yes, there is another folder in the extracted folder.

Before proceeding to the next step, did you know about the Prone Speed Hack for BGMI. This hack is really amazing and enjoyable for the players. I get very good response on this hack. If you're not download this one, what are you waiting for, must try out the config for BGMI.

So when you coy the Files folder, you have to get back in the android folder of your mobile device. Then open the data folder and folder the BGMI folder with the name of com.tencent.imobile.

When you find out the folder, you have to open it, and now it's time to apply the file. You know what! Applying process is changes after every new update. So you have to check the right way to apply file. Many people comment that the fie is not working etc. In real, they don't know how to apply the file, and they did it wrong.

Now you have to paste the copied files' folder in the com.tencent.imobile folder. I try my best to update this file more and make it more undetectable for the BGMI security. I know you have many question about the security of your ID.

After the banning issue of BGMI. The BGMI security did not spectate the BGMI account and many people use 3.2 no recoil file for BGMI. And they are still using it without any ban. Means that you can use any hack at this time. No one can ban your account and also this file is very safe for the BGMI users they can use this file on the main account.

Ban or Anti-Ban?

If you are playing BGMI using this file, you need not worry at all. I explain everything in the above paragraph. BGMI security not spectate your account due to the server down in India. That's why everyone can use the bgmi hacks without any ban.

This 3.2 no recoil file for bgmi is 100% Anti ban on every account. BGMI cannot detect this file. I always try to upload paid files for you. And that files are very premium and i upload that files on my website for free.

Many people are now using the white body file for BGMI or PUBG. And they say that this file is also 100% anti ban. BGMI is very different from the PUBG mobile. BGMI is still banned in India, but PUBG gives us many updates in the recent times.

And now the result of this article is that you can use this file without any hassle. You can use this config on your main ID. This paid config is 100% anti-ban. If you have any question related to the files and applying process then, you can contact me on Instagram.

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