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Prone Speed File For BGMI

Prone Speed File For BGMI

Hello Everyone! So I'm back with another prone speed file file for bgmi. I know there are a lot of people on my website who belong to India. In India, because PUBG has been banned, BGMI is played there.

BGMI's new update has arrived, and every player is currently playing the new version 1.7 of BGMI. I keep writing a lot of content on PUBG and BGMI hacks. If you're interested in BGMI then must try 2.0 No Recoil File For BGMI.

I recently uploaded a video on YouTube. In the comment section of the video, people asked me to bring a config so that we can increase the prone speed.

So today I am going to give you a config, with the help of which you can speed up the prone speed. You will also find the no recoil feature in this file. If you want to know more about BGMI hacks, then must read about Bullet Tracking config for BGMI.

Let's talk more about prone speed file for bgmi. I am giving you two files, one file is for 32 bit and the other file is for 64 mobile. You can download the file according to your mobile version.

How to check bit Version?

If you're a PUBG or BGMI player, and you want to check the bit version of your device, then follow the below steps.

  • Go to Internal Storage.
  • Open Android Folder.
  • Open obb Folder.
  • Go to com.tencent.imobile
  • 15715 obb (64 bit)
  • 15710 obb (32 bit)

Don't worry, I have both files for you. Now let's talk about downloading process and how to apply this obb file to get prone speed in BGMI. If you haven't tried White Body file for BGMi yet, try it now.

Ok, so applying process is same for 32 bit users and 6 bit users. I know already a lot of peoples know about how to apply obb file. Because I am writing this article to explain to you. So, let me tell you how to apply this file.

Applying Process

  1. Extract downloaded file
  2. Copy obb file
  3. Go to Internal Storage
  4. Open Android folder.
  5. Go to obb folder
  6. Open com.tencent.imobile folder
  7. Paste your copied obb

Ok, So here is the applying process for all BGMI users. If you're a PUBG player, then must check out No Recoil file for PUBG. My website is full of hacking content, so make sure to visit my whole site.

I update all the articles in my website daily. So you don't have to worry, you will always find the latest things on my website. My Subscribers are really happy to see the method of How to Hack any PUBG/BGMI Account.

Follow my given steps and apply this prone speed file for bgmi on your account. Now let's talk about file passwords, a lot of people comment on my video to ask the password of configs. 

So I want to say, every single file on my website have no password. Just click on extract button and bummm! Your config successfully extracted.

Prone Speed File For BGMI

Is it Anti-Ban?

If you have used configs in the last few seasons, you know that obb file is not very dangerous for our account. Because this is not an APK mod menu. 

Except prone speed, this config has some other feature like no recoil etc. I would advise you not to use this file on your original ID. Let me explain to you why?

If you kill any player during match and may he spectate you. If he notices your prone speed. So definitely, he reports your account.

I know BGMI Security doesn't ban any accounts so quickly. But after reporting, your account may be exposed to BGMI Security. So this is your responsibility to use this Prone Speed File For BGMI at your own risk.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If you need any further information about any config, then contact me on Instagram @masimtech.

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