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PUBG New State APK | Download for Free


PUBG New State APK

PUBG New State APK

So how are you all, Hope everybody is doing well. So as we all know PUBG's new update has arrived. PUBG has officially named this update PUBG New State.

PUBG had informed us about this update a long time ago, but no date has been selected yet which indicates the date on which this update is coming.

But the final PUBG New State is launching on the 11-11-2021 date, and it will be gradually updated in almost all devices. Some people may not see the update button right now, but within a day or two they will have the update button.

If your mobile does not have the update option yet, but you want to update PUBG, you can download and use PUBG New State apk.

As soon as you download the game with the help of PUBG apk. After opening the beam, you have to create your account. Must read about 1.9 No Recoil File for BGMI.


  • Smooth graphics for Low-end-devices.
  • New Training Room Map.
  • New Troi map for solo/squid.
  • Train Speed is Low in New State.
  • House Designs fully changed.
  • Loot items still same.
  • Electric Vehicles.
  • Search Drone Feature.
  • Door Option in Cars.
  • Deployable Shield.
  • Deployable Shield: wide type.
  • Purchase loot using currency.
  • Harley-Davidson bike.
  • Robot statue in Laboratory.
  • Bullet Proof Glasses in Lab.
  • Jinx, Vi, and Jayce arrive in PUBG Mobile.
  • Pickup your Teammate.

PUBG New State apk Download

If I talk about the new update of PUBG, then looking at all the features and graphics that have been fixed in it, it seems that it will no longer work in small devices at all. But that's not the case. The PUBG NEW STATE is designed to run smoothly on low-end devices.

Also in PUBG New State you will find the training room completely different ie the map of the training room has been completely changed in which the guns will be seen hanging on the wall.

Another great news for PUBG Lover is that this time PUBG's new update will also have a new Map called TROI. Inside this map you can push solo squid rank. And inside this map you will find many more features.

Those who have played the beta version of PUBG New State will know that the speed of the train will be much lower within this update. Because in the first update, the train was moving too fast and could not get off. But in this update the train speed will be very low in which you can get off the moving train.

Inside the PUBG new update, all the vehicles you will see will have a charging battery instead of fuel, meaning you have to collect the batteries during the game. Download No Recoil File For PUBG NEW STATE.

When we went to all the vehicles in PUBG, we saw two options, Get in and Drive button. When you go to the car inside the new update, you will see a new option called Door.

Using this option, you can open your car door and make a cover, i.e. you can use your car door to avoid your enemy's bullets.

The design of the houses has not changed at all in all the updates of PUBG so far. But all the houses you see inside PUBG New State have been changed. To see all these changes, you can download PUBG New State APK.

No New Gun has been introduced inside PUBG New State, but there has been a slight change inside the loot, meaning that you can now pick up the currency during the loot, and in exchange for that currency you can buy various items during the game.

Another very interesting feature has been introduced inside the TROI map. Inside this map, if you go to the laboratory, you will see a huge robotic statue.

TROI Map Details

  1. Military Camp
  2. Levan
  3. Trailer Park
  4. Penrose
  5. Swanton
  6. Laboratory
  7. Anchorville
  8. Tram Factory
  9. Exhibition Hall
  10. Silver lane
  11. Police Station
  12. Mall
  13. Almo
  14. Midtown
  15. Mesa
  16. Bay Area
  17. Cornwall
  18. Graveyard
  19. Luxury House
  20. Loganville
  21. Sunbury
  22. Lindale
  23. City Hall
  24. Shelton
  25. Falloch

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