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3.3 No Recoil File for PUBG | 100% Anti-Ban

3.3 No Recoil File for PUBG

3.3 No Recoil File For PUBG

Nowadays, PUBG game is everyone favorite. It is also very popular in overall world. PUBG has recently updated to 3.1 which has been updated by almost every player so far.

And if you also play the PUBG game, you will know that PUBG is not just a game, it is an emotion. Today I give you 3.3 No recoil file for PUBG. This is the latest zombie mode update and this file is 100% safe for your PUBG Mobile Account.

You know why I publish these types of hacks for you? Because many players face issues with the sensitivity. They don't know how to set the perfect aim. And this is no recoil file for PUBG 3.2 that helps you to control the recoil.

But if I say you can improve your Aim by putting some PUBG Hacks. And I know you guys also want Free Fire Hacks too. My website is full of hacks, you get many contents on different games.

So today I will give you the 3.3 no recoil config for PUBG. I know what are you thinking, it is anti-ban or not and PUBG ID is safe or not, after using this file. 

So yes, don't worry about that, this method for no recoil in PUBG is 100% Anti ban. 3.3 No Recoil File for PUBG will not affect your PUBG account.

If you're from India, then read about 3.2 No recoil file for BGMI. I know after 3.3 update BGMI has been fully banned in India but still you can play BGMI in India with old version. There is no new version has been released after the banning issue.

And I also have 100% Anti-Ban High Damage config for PUBG Lite. Many people have low-end devices, and they play only PUBG Lite, so this file can be used for those people who play only PUBG mobile lite.

As we all know, PUBG has just been updated a few days ago, and now everyone wanted to be updated to 3.3 no recoil file for PUBGIf you are interested in PUBG configs, then must try No Recoil File for PUBG Lite.

Now, PUBG has officially launched its new update 3.3. And no older files are working in this update. In this update we see a lot of things and specially Dinosaur Themed Mode. Yes, we can see many dinosaurs in this update.

Even a new vehicle of dinosaur has been introduced to us. But there is bad news for royal pass users. As you know the old price to royal pass is only 260 UC but after this update the royal pas price is 720 UC. 

File Applying Process:

  1. Open Android Folder.
  2. Go to obb Folder.
  3. Open com.tencent.ig Folder.
  4. Paste Copied File.

More Explanation:

I know you have a lot of questions about this 3.3 no recoil file for PUBG. You have done these instructions and after that this no recoil config start working in your mobile phone.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of applying for this file. But if some people still do not understand, I will tell them in a little more detail so that they can easily apply this file.

This file is a little late because I was testing it on my account. Now that this file is working properly, I am giving this file to you people. So you can enjoy the game by putting it on your account.

If you are a PUBG player, then you will definitely like No Recoil File for PUBG NEW STATE. PUBG new state is also a good graphic game. Many people play new state mod. If you haven't received this new update yet, Download PUBG NEW STATE apk from here.

This is the Zip file so after downloading the file you have to extract it. Many people ask me on Instagram! Where we can find the file after downloading it? So the answer is very clear, when you download any config or file from the Google Chrome these files should store in Download folder of your device.

When you extract the file. Open extracted folder. In extracted folder you can see two files, one file is obb and the second is PUBG APK.

If you do not want to get into the problem of downloading maps and resources, make sure to rename some folders. Rename both com.tencent.ig folders.

Now here is the applying process, open extracted folder and copy pak file. Go to your Android folder and open data folder. Then open com. Tencent.ig folder and go to the 'Files' foler. And now open the UE4Game folder and go to the shadowtracker extra folder for the both time.

Open the 'Saved' folder and go to the paks folder and paste the copied pak file here. This is the easy way to paste this 3.2 no recoil file for PUBG mobile. Now open your game and enjoy this updated 3.3 no recoil file for PUBG.

If you still think about the extract process, then go to the play store and search for the Z-Archiver application. This app helps you to extract all the zip and RAR files. This app is free of cost and size if this app is almost 10 MB, means that every one can afford the 10 MB data.

Important Information

As we all know how much strict Tencent is. If you did some unusual activity on your PUBG account, then your account got banned for 10 years.

But in Latest 3.3 update. PUBG introduces a Device ban feature. Means that is you violate any PUBG security rule, Then after that you will never be able to install PUBG game in your mobile.

Because PUBG determined to maintain a fair competitive environment for all players. I always used to say in my old post that you should not use this hack on your real account. But in this new update, I can't even tell you not to use this hack on your original ID. Because if you use any hack now, your device will be banned.

But as we all know that need is the mother of invention, so I think that with the passage of time one or the other solution of this thing will definitely come out. After which we will be able to install PUBG on our mobile even if the device is banned.

If I come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position on my website, so don't worry. I hope you guys liked today's article. If you're interested in configs, then must try 3.3 White body file for PUBG.

What's new in PUBG 3.3 Update?

(As I mentioned above, there are many new features and mods are coming in this update. Many players feel boring while playing the old mods and maps. So PUBG mobile decide to update the version from 3.2 to 3.3.

We can see a new frozen snow theme mode in the PUBG Mobile. Also, we can collect the snow gun and use it for the unlimited time. This 3.3 PUBG mobile update start appearing in your devices from 10 NOV.

In this new update we see some unique features like in the old version, if we blast the vehicle our teammate will knock. But in this update when your teammate tries to blast the vehicle he never knocks down you.

This is the basic things in new update. I hope you enjoy this update and 3.3 no recoil file for PUBG. This file is only no recoil, there is no hidden hacks in this file. Only 100% no recoil file.)

The new PUBG 3.3 Update is packed with exciting features and changes. Some of the highlights include Halloween theme is looking amazing.  Also, the zombie weapons have been added in this mode.

In the new 3.3 update of PUBG mobile, we can see a new marking system. If you want to disable this feature, you can go to the advance setting.

Every config have different features. So what features are in the file that I have given you? And what are some things you can't use?

First thing, this is only no recoil file with shake. There is no extra hack include in this config. So if you're only no recoil file user, then this file is only for you.

My previous file only works on some guns like AKM, M416 etc. But this work on all guns in PUBG. But I personally suggest that please do not use 6x on AKM or Barrel.

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