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BGMI 3.2 No Recoil File - Updated Config

BGMI 3.2 No Recoil File

BGMI 3.2 No Recoil File

Hi Everyone! As you know that BGMI has been updated and new version of bgmi is 3.2. Today we discuss bgmi 3.2 no recoil file. This type of configs used to control recoil in game.

I want to share something with you. If you're a BGMI player then I have good news for you. BGMI is back in India! Battleground mobile India officially announced that BGMI is unbanned in India very soon. Are you excited to play BGMI with my hacks?

In this update, bgmi introduce a lot of new features and settings. Yes, bgmi also customize some new setting feature to make user interface easier. We discuss everything about all these features. First, bgmi make setting interface better. 

As you know that my website is the best source of hacking and game hacks, So if you need the latest hacks about any game just go on home page and explore my site. If you're interested in hacking, make sure to read about Black Hat Hacking Course for free.

BGMI makes a lot of changes in game, for example bgmi introduce new livik map for players and new vehicle. If you haven't updated BGMI yet, do it now! Because you can see a lot more in it.

A few days ago I wrote an article on PUBG game in which I explained how you can use No recoil file in PUBG. On my site you will find hacks of many more games that you guys can easily use.

Because whenever I write an article on a topic, I always include a practical video in it so that people who come to my site can easily understand how to use these hacks.

This BGMI 3.2 No Recoil File is really working in all android devices, there is no ban issue while using my config. No password is attached to this file, meaning you can download this file and extract it without any password.

Now let's talk about how to download this file and how to apply after downloading this file. The applying process is very old, and many people already know it, but I will repeat it to those who do not know.

Applying Process

  • Download config
  • Extract it
  • Open folder
  • Copy 'Files' folder
  • Go to Android
  • Open Data Folder
  • Go to com.tencent.imobile
  • Paste your copied Folder.

So Guys, this is the process to paste file for no recoil. If you still do not understand well, then I will explain to you in more detail how to attach this file. So just read these steps to apply bgmi 3.2 no recoil file. Get the latest bgmi config file to make your gameplay more interested.

First, you have to download this config by clicking the above download button. This file is not extracted, so you need ZArchiver application to extract this file. If you already have this app, It's Good! But if you don't have, then go on play store and search for it and download.

After that, open this app and go to your download folder and click on this file. ZArchiver app show some options, you need to click on extract here. Remember one thing, there is no password on this 3.2 bgmi no recoil file.

Bgmi is still banned in India, but the old version of this game still playable and many users play the old version of BGMI. I hope the BGMI get back in India soon. But due to no update in India BGMI game face many issues.

For example, the old players always killed by the opponent hackers and the BGMI security not ban that type of account. I know this is the good news for the files users and other player who play BGMI using hacks.

Bgmi 3.2 no recoil file is not a hack config, this file only helps you to control the aim of your gun. Many people ask about the high damage file and bullet tracking file, but this file is only no recoil. I did not add any extra feature in this config.

This is 2023, and we all know about the account securities if we apply all hacks file on our account, then your account banned from the BGMI and I don't want this. Everyone spends many UC on their account and work hard to gain the account level.

This file is 100% without password protection. So now open the extracted folder and copy Files folder. After that, go to your mobile internal storage and click on data folder. In data folder search for bgmi official folder named by com,tencent.imobile and open it.

When you open this folder, You have to paste the copied folder in this folder. And your No recoil is successfully applied. Restart your mobile and open bgmi to play game with recoil. 

Is it Anti-Ban?

Everyone knows about PUBG and BGMI Ban Pan security, but this file is 100% Anti ban and working in all devices. Because this file has only no recoil feature Because of this, the chances of an account being banned are very less.

But if your ID is too old, I would advise you not to use this file on your account. Because there are a lot of people who have invested in this game and bought UC and when they use such file their account is banned.

But if you want to use this file, first you have to apply it on a guest account, and then you can use this file on the main account. BGMI 3.2 no recoil file use only for fun and never use AKM with 6x scope.

I hope you guys liked this article and this article will be helpful for you. If you guys want me to keep bringing gaming hacks to you this way, then be sure to keep visiting my website. Click on the below link to download the config and if you still face any issue with the applying process then dm me on IG.

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