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What is MetaSploit | Installation in Termux & Commands


What is MetaSploit?


This is one of the most dangerous standalone remote hacking framework ever made, called MetaSploit.


It is one of the most important topics in all hacking and cybersecurity enthusiasts. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

I will tell you about MetaSploit remote code execution, how this framework works, its history, its forms, exploits and bugs, and most importantly, how you can get affected from it, it is probably the worst face of hacking till date.

Who Use MetaSploit?

Most MetaSploit Tool are used by white hat hackers. If you know about how hackers used phishing attack and brute force attack.

Then MetaSploit is a more powerful tool than phishing or any other tool. Metasploit was created to find bugs in a website or a device.

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But as you know if something is used properly, it is also misused. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.

Is it illegal?

If you ask me if using MetaSploit is illegal. So I will tell you that this is absolutely illegal. If you try to hack someone's website using MetaSploit.

So it is an illegal act Because you did not take permission from the owner of this website.

So if you're a pentester you can use MetaSploit used to find vulnerabilities in any website. But as I said, permission is required.

Installation of MetaSploit Termux:

Let me tell you how to install MetaSploit in termux. If you have an android Phone. So you can do this Method on Your Android Mobile.

Go to Play Store and Search for Termux Application. After downloading this application, you have to paste the following commands one by one into Termux application.

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Hack Android Mobile Using MetaSploit:

Many people know that using MetaSploit we can hack any Android mobile very easily. But How it Works?

Some black-hat hackers misuse this tool to damage people's property.

With the help of MetaSploit, a hacker creates a payload and sends it to the victim with different formats. And may be these formats are a JPG file, maybe embedded with any software or application.

When a Payload created with the help of MetaSploit goes into your mobile. So it gives the hacker full access to your mobile. So it becomes very easy for a hacker to view the data in your mobile.

What we Hack with MetaSploit?

If the payload created with the help of MeaSploit once went inside your device, then it will hack your entire device.

Using MetaSploit a Hacker can see your battery percentage, he can see your contact list, and he knows Everything about recently call logs.

He can control your mobile mic and record audio at any time. He can use your camera both front or back without your permission and take your pictures at any time.

So you say that MetaSploit is one of the best or most dangerous tool for pentesters. It is very dangerous if it is misused.

If you also want to know how to use MetaSploit and you do not have a mobile phone. So you can also use MetaSploit on Kali Linux.

Install MetaSploit in Kali Linux:

If you also want to use MetaSploit in Kali Linux. Visit Site and download Setup According to your computer window.

E-g If your system is 64bit then download 64bit setup and if you have another one then download it according to your window.

So after downloading the file, you have to open Kali Linux. Open terminal and put these commands' step by step.
After giving these commands, a pop-up will appear on your Kali Linux. So you just tap on the forward button, maybe it is four or five times. And at last, MetaSploit framework is successfully installed in your Kali Linux.

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