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Information Gathering from Phone Number in Termux | masimtech

Information Gathering from Phone Number in Termux

Information Gathering from Phone Number in Termux

Hello everyone My Name is Muhammad Asim. 

So Now in This Article I'm talking about a Termux tool. Phoneinfoga is one of the most powerful tool used to get mobile number information.

This tool is work in Both Termux or Kali Linux to get any mobile number data with exact Ip adress.

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  • Get standard information like country, line type and carrier.
  • Get reputation reports, social media, disposable numbers.
  • Automatic foot printing on several custom formats.
  • Use custom number formatting for more effective OSINT.
  • OSINT foot printing using external APIs.
  • Get info if Mobile number exists and is possible

If you want to get someone mobile number data you just use this phoneinfoga tool in termux in your Android mobile.

Maybe you face a lot of errors while using this tool to get mobile number data. So you just follow my instructions to install this tool successfully.

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Copy the bellow commands step by step and paste in termux and hit the button to run the process. If you're interested in hacks, then learn more about Hack any Free Fire account.


$ apt update && upgrade 

$ pkg install git 

$ pkg install python python2 

$ git clone https://github.com/abhinavkavuri/PhoneInfoga 

$ ls 

$ cd phoneinfoga 

$ mv config.example.py config.py 

$ ls 

$ python3 -m pip install -r requiremets.txt 

$ ls 

$ python3 phoninfoga.py -v 

$ python3 phoninfoga.py -n (add number with country code)

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Manual instructions:

  • apt update && upgrade
This command is used to update all the packages of termux including all tools. If this command is not work properly in your device then type this command separately. 

$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade

  • pkg install git
This command is used to install the git package. Git is used to clone any data from overall the internet. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

  • pkg install python python2
This tool is coded with python language, so it is very important to install these two packages to run this tool successfully.

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