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What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube | Public, Private, Unlisted Means?

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube
What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube

YouTube is a platform on which many content creators create and upload videos to help people. After uploading a video to YouTube, YouTube gives us three options.

Public, Unlisted, Private, What is the use of these three features? And also tell what does unlisted mean on YouTube.

All the new YouTubers who come to YouTube can see these three options and also know how to use them. 

But they do not know to what extent these three options can be used.

So in today's article I am going to explain in detail that What does mean unlisted on YouTube. I rarely mention such things on my website, most of my contents are related to hacking.
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Public Video:

You may be a YouTuber and have ever uploaded a video to YouTube. 

So when your video is fully uploaded on YouTube then you save it by selecting the public option. People will be able to see your video publicly.

You can also set this option by default You will not have to re-select an unlisted public or private option when uploading upcoming videos.

Private Video:

Private video on YouTube means a video that no one but, your on YouTube can watch. This YouTube option is given to every new and old user on YouTube.

Let me give you a few examples of why this option is being used by all the people who have just started using YouTube.

For example, you uploaded a video to YouTube that people didn't like. And a lot of people started criticizing about this video.

You can make this video private using the Private Video option. As a result, no one will be able to watch the video on YouTube.

Now lets talk about what does unlisted mean on YouTube. And how we can use this option on YouTube.

Unlisted Video:

As I said, YouTube gives us three options that are used separately. Similarly, used of unlisted option is very different from the public and private option.

Unlisted is a video that can be viewed via a link. For example, after uploading a video on YouTube, if I give the link of this video to one of my friend, only my friend can watch this video, and no one on YouTube will be able to watch this video.

Now you know that what does unlisted mean on YouTube. Now let's talk about why the option is used and why YouTube has given us this option. 

Why we use Unlisted option?

The use of unlisted option is very much in the video monetization factor. There was a YPP (YouTube partner program) update some time ago.

In this update, YouTube made it clear that after uploading a video, keep the video unlisted. 

Because YouTube will decide after a full review of your video whether your video will be monetized or not.

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