How to Hack Bitcoin on Android - Working Method


How to Hack Bitcoin on Android

How to Hack Bitcoin on Android

Everyone on Google search about how to hack bitcoin on android. Mean that people want to get access to someone bitcoin wallet and steal all the money from other's bitcoin wallet.

First I mentioned one thing, bitcoin is the digital currency that can transfer from one wallet to another. A lot of peoples invest in bitcoin to get decent profit when the bitcoin price up. You can also buy bitcoin with PayPal money.

Ok, so we are going to use a GitHub tool to hack a bitcoin wallet. The tool name is Dark-phish. Dark-phish is an automated phishing tool.

This tool is tested on both Kali Linux and termux. Because termux is used on Android and our topic is how to hack bitcoin on android, so we continue with termux. Termux is the android based emulator that is used to exploit systems. If you're already termux user then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

Let me tell you something more about this tool. Dark-phish tool has been coded in python language. So we need to install all python packages to run this tool in termux. Also, we need some requirements, so just follow my instructions to install this tool successfully.

Before we continue, must read our latest post on How to Hack Mobile Camera. It's time to install Dark-phish tool in termux. So copy the bellow commands and put it on termux step by step and hit the enter button to continue the process.

Get All Commands

After putting the last command, Dark-Phish tool run successfully. Tool interface appeared in front of you. You can see a lot of options. Every option is used to hack any specific account. But we are talking about how to hack bitcoin on android, so we can select option 24.

Type 24 and hit the enter button. After this action, Dark-phish tool generate a link. And that link is hosted on ngrok. So you just copy this link and send it to your target victim. When your victim click on this link, a bitcoin website open and that website ask for username and password.

When your victim putts all this information, everything show on termux terminal. So this tool is actually work on social engineering. We can also Hack any Facebook account using this tool.

This tool has 30 more templates, so if you're interested in some other hacks, then go with it. But this particular article is about how to hack bitcoin on android, so every detail in this article is mentioned according to Bitcoin hack.

This tool work properly in every android version but remember one thing may you face some error with generating phishing link. So when you select the template number, then also on your mobile hotspot to generate this phishing link for your victim.

I think termux is the best emulator to Trace someone location and doing this hacking stuff. If you're new to termux and want to learn more about ethical hacking, then must visit my site. On my website you get the latest and working method to hack account etc. with full practical video.

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And if you want something latest and fast then must join me on my YouTube channel MR ALDARDO. I hope this article is helpful for you, If you need any further help then contact me on my Instagram @masimtech. 

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