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Customize Termux Interface

How to Customize Termux Interface

Termux is the app that is available on the play store. This app is used to do pen testing and other research. 

In simple words, you can say that it's a simple terminal and working like Kali Linux and Parrot OS. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

How to Download Termux?

If you want to download termux app this is a very easy method to download it first you need an internet connection or mobile data.

Then go on play store that is available in every android phone. After open, it, you can search for termux. And click on the installation button to download it.

Customize Terminal:

When we download Termux app you can see some English interface like website or official site of termux. 

If you can't like this, and you  want to customize it and want to enter your name instead of Termux old English.

As you can see, the below image that I can upload it on this article. You can clearly see the after or before termux terminal interface if you're interested, then follow my instructions carefully.


I hope you downloaded termux app now you can open it and type some commands. First type apt update when you type it maybe it consumes some time.

And now its depend on your internet speed or connection. As it is download now it's time to enter second command which is apt upgrade. Now maybe its consume some time to  upgrade it.

After upgrade now you need to install a pkg which name is git pkg now you can type pkg install git. Git is pkg that's used to clone every link or tool that is available on GitHub. 

After that you can type git clone and after that you paste a URL. And that URL is available on the below links.

Maybe it took some time to download the tool. Which is Customize Termux Interface

After that we enter charge directory command to enter in our tool to which what their files are available in it. So to change the directory you can type cd termux-banner.

Now you can see that every file is in white color means that  you can't execute it first you need to do it execute mode. 

So type it chmod +x * this command is used to make any tool r unable.  you Can see almost every tool is coded by python language but used  to this tool  use bash command to run it.

Remove Customization:

Everyone is not like to set up some stylish interface. So don't worry about that if you want your old setup and want to remove every thing so its very simple you just go into your setting and look for an app management option.

And search for termux as you can see termux app icon then click on it, you can see two option is available. First one is clear data and second is clear cache.

This option can remove everything in your termux terminal like if you install some pkg or upgrade some apt then everything  is remove n your termux.

Second thing is if you want to remove anything in your termux. And you just open your termux terminal and type command remove 

When you enter this command you every tool and installation is safe you don't worry about that.

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$ apt update

$ apt upgrade

$ pkg install git

$ git clone

$ ls 

$ bash

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